Do staff seized fake driver’s license as a birthday gift when using male returnees demonophobia

Employees do a fake driver’s license as a birthday gift when male returnees were seized recently, public security police checkpoints in Runyang Bridge checks on passing vehicles, and use false driving case. On the same day at 8 pm, police routinely check passing vehicles, Chen found a driver’s license is very suspicious, initially suspected to be false. Immediately, the police out of the information from the database to compare Chen, found the certificate is false. While his original documents expired in early 2015, "false written, expire in 2017." According to Chen explained, when the driver’s license approaching expired, he happened to go to the UK to study, did not have time to exchange for a new driver’s license. After returning home, he did not continue to test driver’s license. Somehow, it was known by one of his employees. Chen’s birthday is approaching, the staff to help Chen to do a fake driving license, as a birthday gift to him. But Chen did not refuse, take up with false. Chen and his girlfriend drove to Nanjing, was seized false, Chen regret. At present, the case has been handed over to the district police station. According to the police, in accordance with the new criminal law amendment (nine) in November 1st this year in the regulations, in accordance with state regulations shall provide proof of identity in the activities, the use of forged or altered or stolen identity card, driving license, insurance cards and other identity documents, if the circumstances are serious, shall be punished by detention or a fine control, which is also the new the criminal law amendment (nine) since the implementation of the first case of the city by punishment cases. Correspondent Zhu Jun reporter Jian Xiang

员工办假驾照作生日礼物 海归男使用时被查获 近日,润扬大桥公安检查站民警在对过往车辆进行检查时,查处了一起使用假证驾车的案件。 当天晚上8时左右,民警例行检查过往车辆时,发现一名陈姓驾驶员的驾驶证十分可疑,初步怀疑是假证。随即,民警从资料库调取出陈某的信息进行比对,发现该证件确实为假证。而他原来的证件早在2015年就过期,“假证上写着,到期时间是2017年。” 据陈某交代,驾照临近过期时,自己正巧要去英国读书,没有来得及换取新的驾驶证。回国后,他也没有继续考驾驶证。不知为何,这件事情被他的一名员工知道了。眼看陈某生日将近,这名员工帮陈某办了一本假驾驶证,作为生日礼物送给他。而陈某也没有拒绝,拿着假证就用了起来。陈某与女友驾车前往南京时,假证被查获,陈某后悔不已。目前,此案已移交辖区派出所处理。 据警方介绍,依照今年11月1日新的刑法修正案(九)规定,在依照国家规定应当提供身份证明的活动中,使用伪造、变造或者盗用他人身份证、驾驶证、医保卡等身份证明证件,情节严重的,处拘役或管制并处罚金,这也是新的刑法修正案(九)实施以来我市第一例被处罚的案件。 通讯员 祝隽 记者 剑翔相关的主题文章: