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"Doctor Strange" won the North American weekend box office "Doctor Strange" poster time network reported on November 14th into effect on Friday "Veterans Day" holiday effect plus, North American weekend market can not only avoid the adverse effects of the presidential election, also significantly higher than the same period last year. Disney issue, marvel studios produced the "strange doctor" weekend again received $43 million, easily won the North American weekend list; the film than the opening weekend fell by only less than 50%, this year is a few superhero movies in the lowest part of the decline. DreamWorks Animation’s "Magic Wizard" weekend performance is still strong, three days to collect 35 million, runner up at the weekend; the film only than the opening weekend fell 25%, the cumulative score rose to $94 million. By Jeremy Reina, Amy · · Adams starred in the paramount film science fiction "come" the first weekend out of $24 million, than expected performance, airborne third weekend. "Christmas" is the first global comedy weekend ranked fourth, the film opened three days to draw $15 million 560 thousand, the performance of law-abiding, ranked in the fourth weekend. Lionsgate issue, Mel · Gibson’s biopic "war bloody hacksaw Ling" weekend for three days or less than 30%, and revenue of $10 million 780 thousand, the cumulative score exceeded $32 million. Europa pictures released "Thriller" shutter on Friday began landing in North America in 2058 theaters, three days over the weekend fetched $3 million 700 thousand, ranked seventh in the weekend. This book by Naomi · and Jacob · Watts; Terry Bray ("the room" small male) film starring the first weekend single Museum scores of less than $2000, the poor performance evaluation; the media is also very poor, in the website rotten tomatoes no media give praise, MetaCritic evaluation is also low to 24 points. Oscar gold medal director Ang Lee’s new work, "·," the war in the middle of the film "on the weekend of theaters in the point of reflection, three days to receive $120 thousand, an average of $60 thousand in the results of the single Hall in the year third. The war drama film on Friday ahead of the full opening of the painting in the mainland, the first day of Wednesday recorded more than 8000 yuan, the film will be expanded to the North American film theaters around 1100 released on Friday. North American box office over the weekend before ten 2016.11.11 – 2016.11.13 (unit: million) (estimate) the weekend market summary: the forty-sixth weekend of 2016 the top 12 films total revenue of $150 million, compared to the previous weekend ($1.83 market) fell 18%; than the action film "007:" the spirit of the party for the same period last year (market $96 million 350 thousand) rose 56%. (Tencent news app movie channel, global convergence, good movie information recommendation, more national Tongdui movie, Hollywood movies send non-stop around!)相关的主题文章: