Dont Be A Thailand Tourist – Tips To Discover Authentic Thai Culture-doat

Travel-and-Leisure Sightseeing and seeking out quintessential experiences in each place are great ways to successfully visit a destination. But, to truly have gotten under the skin of the city, state or country you travel to, you need to be able to immerse yourself .pletely in its culture. Whether youve booked Thailand tour packages or international tour packages, authentic cultural experiences will be waiting around every corner if you know the right things to do and places to go in Thailand: Get To Know The Locals: No one is a better guide to the culture of any place than the people who live there. But dont wait to get to Thailand to set up local contacts. There are plenty of travellers forums and groups online where you can get in touch with locals from different countries. They can be your points of contact in different destinations and most people on such groups are more than happy to re.mend things to do and places to see that arent on the tourist map. Some of them will even be willing to meet you and show you around themselves. Go Rural And Remote: While Thailand is known for its cities and their vibrant nightlife, you should definitely keep some days aside to explore the rural areas and rough it out. Isaan, in the north-eastern part of Thailand is a great place to observe how rural Thais live their daily lives. You could even skip some of the more popular islands and head to one that is more remote. Sure, this needs some planning, but youll get the beach mostly to yourself and get to actually meet and interact with Thais and not tourists. If that seems too extreme, another thing you can do is pick home-stays as ac.modation instead of resorts in your Thailand tour packages. Be.e A Thai Food Fanatic: Most international tour packages may be all-inclusive, but if you can, try and skip the provided meals if theyre the usual fare you get at home. If youve followed the first two tips and have local contacts and live in home-stays, access to authentic Thai food is pretty much guaranteed. Eat street food wherever possible and try and be as adventurous as you can. Pad Thai is popular, but there is so much more to Thai cuisine than that. Keep your inhibitions aside and chomp away! Youll be rewarded with some wonderful flavours and stories to take back with you. There you have it. Follow these three tips to experience a truly memorable Thailand trip coloured with cultural insights and return home with a wealth of stories and maybe even a whole new outlook on life. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: