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Don’t be afraid to raise a child out of the ordinary (list) – Sohu 01 maternal child, your name is happiness as parents we often fear their children with other children are not the same. In fact, our children are different places, is their most lovely highlights. Don’t be afraid to cultivate a different child, stand firm with children, ask them to accept their own beliefs and dreams, because only do their best. Legend, in the ten thousand strains of clover, there will be a symbol of good luck and happiness clover. Many people do not believe this, because they have not seen the clover. What they don’t see is that they don’t exist. But we firmly believe that our children read the story slowly grow up, they are our clover, every care and help the children grow up, is his lucky grass. 02 it is time to go home, the little naughty a beautiful animal cognitive book, or a child’s natural emotional enlightenment book. The hero spicy professor is a professional adventurer, he love to observe animal world. But the professor found that some animals were in the wrong place. So the professor invited readers to the spicy lost little home. This book is full of unique life story, but not with words, but quietly hidden in the picture, need to have a heart and love, with curious eyes to capture to. There are six scenes in the book, which combine the search function with animal cognition perfectly. 03 deep blue Allie was selected as the most beautiful children’s book in belgium". Meet the best love and the most joyful growth in tolerance and acceptance. Allie thought he was born with deep blue. When Allie met the Golden King, for the first time she noticed a different kind of beauty outside of the world. So she decided to try to fall in love with golden yellow. Later, Allie not only liked the golden yellow, but also like the green, red, orange, purple, green…… See here, we can say that the original love the blue girl grew up. 04 little sister away from home to remember the best-selling picture books for the past 55 years, give the child the best expectations, wishes and encouragement. My little sister and father and mother live under an apple tree in the garden. They can find vegetables in the garden every day. On that day, aunt mouse came to the house of the little mouse’s house and told her that there was not only vegetables but also milk, bread, ham, and so on. In her bid farewell to mom and Dad, leave their home, can not wait to go to the big house for an adventure. But the house is not only milk and milk collaterals, and a cat and a mousetrap! In my little sister was caught in a trap, finally she could be saved? Let’s read the classics. 05 peas! Do a bean is not easy from a particularly easy humor.相关的主题文章: