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Don’t change to fool me! These 100 thousand yuan joint venture vehicle called "new" – Sohu [produced] car car no secret in recent years the domestic SUV market continued unpopular momentum, the one we launched "these 200 thousand joint venture SUV reborn is worth you? "We will look to this; the core of Chinese automobile market -10 million level joint compact body, the recent upgrading of the car lot, each have their own background, compared to some small change, is known as the" new "models, which is the real goods price is completely new of course, the ultimate aim is to cater to consumers, achieve to maximize sales, so what you are waiting for? The car can help you no secret: a comparative analysis of old and new as the backbone of the Nissan TIIDA, after a lapse of five years, ushered in a new upgrade, is still a large space + comfort features, prices in the 9.9-13.49 million range, but in addition, compared to the old, appearance design is a continuation of overseas Pulsar the new Nissan family style, technology configuration is increased dramatically, bringing many new ideas and surprises for us. The car is no secret to comment: Nissan know Chinese consumer preferences, it does not have to strengthen their power and European competitors, but deep in their own good market, while maintaining the large space with low fuel consumption, more stylish low purchase age group, to more high-tech configuration to meet the current needs of young people, power technology has improved, further improve fuel economy. The Beijing auto show in April 25, 2016, Dongfeng Honda officially announced the sale price of the new civic flag, launched a total of 4 models, the price range of 12.99-16.99 million. The new car in the appearance of the interior configuration of a comprehensive upgrade, the power will first with Honda’s first Honda earth dream series 1.5T turbo engine, 6 speed manual transmission and CVT, and 1.0T models or will be in the fourth quarter of 2016 officially listed. The car is no secret to comment: we can say no matter what modelling or powertrain new tenth generation civic civic as compared to previous generations have made considerable progress, advanced 1.5T join up the Japanese compact car power short board, but the new TIIDA, Carola, new Sylphy, new Fawkes, new Cruze and other competitors is not to test for people who wins the last remains of the market, but from the current new civic demand and good sales performance, 100 thousand large compact car venture ushered in a strong opponent. In July 20, 2016, SAIC GM Chevrolet officially announced its new Cruze officially listed, launched a total of 7 models, the price of 10.99-16.99 million yuan, than the same platform Buick Weilang starting price 30 thousand, price is higher, and the old Cruze sales, coupled with the latest in a compact car Kewozi, the formation of collocation in the compact car market the low grades of high school, on the same Weilang, Buick Hideo will cause no small impact. The car no secret Shanghai general comments: in the face of the new cruze.相关的主题文章: