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Don’t let APP put the education into "monitoring" the editorial parents with children (especially children enter primary school parents), will obviously feel the children, their teachers and machine "tied together", not in "monitoring" every hour and moment. Are you worried that the child will not come home after school? Well, he was put on a telephone watch, can know where he at any time, and who made a phone call, sending messages. Between parents and teachers, through the WeChat communication, compared with the telephone time instant was extremely smooth, children in school parents can every act and every move, every word and action, instant understanding. Between parents and parents, through the WeChat group, you can always exchange parenting experience, the class of things, at any time can be discussed, the development of plans, policies, and to be completed. As for homework, check through the APP layout, a few children, parents are not timely supervision, "punch", a teacher with a APP check, no buffer, the children have their own room for maneuver. As for extra-curricular activities, the layout of the live TV, but also the first time the child with a live shot of the photo, uploaded to the teacher…… More and more seamless convergence, really good? Internet technology has brought great changes to our work, study and life. But any technology that goes against human nature can backfire. Originally used to facilitate the communication of Internet technology, if the use of excessive, sometimes just put the child in a position to be monitored. Watched growth, it seems to be a wonderful prospect. The lightest result is the loss of motivation. The cultivation of learning consciousness, to a large extent depends on the trust of parents and schools, to give greater autonomy, so that they learn to appreciate the joy of learning, the joy of success. However, strict monitoring, not only make them difficult to appreciate the joy of solving the problem of independence, but also often think that the improvement of the results, is entirely a credit to teachers and parents, and their relevance is not. In this state of learning, how to generate learning motivation? And only one chance to escape learning. More serious is to try to avoid surveillance. There are technical means, there must be anti technology means. Monitor the state does not comply with the law of children’s development, find a way around the monitor, it is possible that they gradually accustomed to muddle through, longer than cheating character. This kind of education about mental training career, not only need a reasonable guide even the necessary enforcement, but also need to free space for development, but in recent years, the development of Internet technology, obviously strengthen the former, the latter extrusion. This is a need to be vigilant. Now this kind of bad signs just sprout, can also be corrected in a timely manner. It is necessary to remind you that no technology is perfect, the user can not use it almost human nature, in the end may be a big problem. [more news interpretation, WeChat add public account today topic listen]相关的主题文章: