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Don’t save money by saving fuel-efficient hybrid car can earn the difference? Auto Sohu – Sohu [car E power] recently, the latest research data of an American auto industry research firm Wiesenk said, compared with the same type of petrol in the car, let the people become more and more difficult to pay a high price in hybrid vehicle. Because of lower gasoline prices and higher fuel efficiency of non hybrid vehicles, hybrid vehicles in the use of the cost advantage becomes negligible. So whether the hybrid can help owners save to pay more price? Wiesenk’s recent assessment shows that less than 1/4 of hybrid models are at lower cost than the same fuel models. This result is lower than 32% in 2014 and in 2012 of 44%. The evaluation results also said, Audi Q5, Ford Fusion, Lexus CT200h and TOYOTA ESh, Lincoln MKZ, Avalon and C hybrid version of the Prius, these models were lower than the corresponding gasoline version in use cost. The gap narrowed because of lower fuel prices and higher fuel economy, the two factors for consumers, it is very good news for those who sell hybrid vehicle manufacturers, does not seem to be what good news. According to the American Automobile Association AAA data show that the current U.S. fuel prices from a year ago, 2.58 U.S. dollars per gallon (about $4.55 per liter) fell to $2.20 per gallon (about $3.88 per liter). At the same time, the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute research shows that compared to 2013, 23.5 miles per gallon (9.99 kilometers per liter) and 2014 24.4 (10.38 kilometers per liter) miles per gallon, the average new car fuel economy reached 25.5 (10.85 kilometers per liter) miles per gallon. These factors affect the sales of hybrid models in the United states. Sales of pure electric vehicles in July compared with the same period last year rose by about 7 percentage points, while the total sales of hybrid vehicles, diesel vehicles and pure electric vehicles compared to the same period last year dropped by 22 percentage points. Notably, TOYOTA Prius hybrid of the four models, this year’s sales fell by 26 percentage points. The domestic policy on the domestic market will not support hybrid hybrid cars into hybrid electric cars and plug-in hybrid, according to the Ministry of Finance issued the "notice concerning 2016- promote the application of new energy automotive financial support policy, new energy vehicles, including pure electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles and fuel battery car. In other words, non plug-in hybrid electric vehicle has not been included in the new energy sector, but also can not enjoy the corresponding car subsidies. Thus, the Chinese government hopes that the development of new energy vehicles can cross the ordinary hybrid phase, directly to the development of pure electric direction. It is worth mentioning that, in the Guangzhou area, the purchase of Ralink GAC TOYOTA dual engine, can participate in such license-plate lottery, so as to avoid the common license plate in Guangzhou Yaohao or auction, you can get 10 thousand yuan energy subsidies of local government..相关的主题文章: