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"Double" the end of the month premiered on Wang Ziwen "Smith" Fengcheng progenitor couple "double" trailer exposure: scramjet! Zu Feng Wang Ziwen became a couple of Tencent agent entertainment news (text / Jiang Xiaokui / Sui Xi) September 21st, Jiangsu TV drama "double" held in Beijing Broadcasting conference. Producer Yang Li, director Mou Xiaojie, screenwriter starring Zu Feng, Wang Ziwen, Qiao Bing, Cao Zheng, Ni Hongjie, Ren Zhengbin attended the movie theater, tells the story of. In the "Ode to joy", Wang Ziwen and Zu Feng is a charming "song of the demon", a soulful singularity, while in the "double", they will become husband and wife, Chinese spy staged version of "Mrs. Smith" story. It is reported that the "double" will be landing in Jiangsu TV premiere on September 29th. The Spy Drama Yan value power? The actor is not just a piece of paper "double" static to the liberation of Chengdu in 1949 as the background, tells the story of a new China was established on the occasion of the eve of the southwest liberation, Peng Gang (Zu Feng), Wu Peixin (Prince gloze) the opposing agent identity between the couple in emotion and faith after a series of contradictions, the story of grief at separation and joy in union. Director Mou Xiaojie said at the scene, "double" performance is a kind of extreme environment of emotion, there is a so-called "doomsday complex"; at the same time, compared with other traditional espionage drama, "double" regardless of performance, lines or the language structure are in accordance with the requirements of modern drama to do in this regard, the "very disturbing, but I hope the audience can love." Director Mou Xiaojie for his casting show a very confident, he said of Wang Ziwen: "she is a wizard, the role of Wu Peixin to do a lot of things people angry in the play, these things others do you may feel the role of hateful, but Wang Ziwen did you just love her." But for now the Spy Drama "idol, when Yan first" trend, producer Yang Li said, "the success of the works not by Yan value decision. Yan value for TV drama is important, but in the Spy Drama There are a lot of psychological drama, still need to have the depth and range of width, the need for various levels of performance, the actor can not say just a static paper." Than the "Ode to joy" earlier cooperation, Fengcheng progenitor old artist, Wang Ziwen Wang Ziwen and Zu Feng’s mother’s name together, people first thought is probably the "Ode to joy" in "Song Fairy" and the singularity, and in the field, Wang Ziwen and Zu Feng said: "in fact," double shot early on the "Ode to joy", this is the first time cooperation two. Because starred in "hidden", "Peking no war" and other classic Zu Feng’s drama, spy for the character’s performance has long been adept. He played the Peng Gang on the surface is the identity of the Kuomintang senior chief bodyguard, the Communist Party is actually "latent" years of espionage warrior. The conference site, Zu Feng Wang Ziwen and Ni Hongjie over and over was called "old artist", "acting as", "rare by subtraction in acting people"; in this regard, Zu Feng said, "there will be pressure, but this is my value. As an actor, I can not only maintain my good looks, sometimes need to break their own, the audience should see me as an actor, rather than shaping me"相关的主题文章: