Dreamer! Wings won the documentary trailer today exposure (video)-helmet怎么读

Dreamer! Wings won the documentary notice today exposed every summer in the world DOTA2 game player eyes all focused in Seattle, will have 16 top "DOTA2" from around the world in the team battle, for the TI International Invitational immortal shield and prize. This year is the sixth year of the TI, a new record of the award pool to create a new record of more than $20 million, the championship prize will be as high as $9 million 120 thousand. Five teams from China team Wings, LGD, Newbee, EHOME, VG.R on behalf of CNDOTA participated in this event, Chinese team during the game because the squad and personnel average score is not ideal, Wings team group phase also mediocre, but in the knockout stage after the sudden emergence, continuous beat four foreign team, finally as a trophy in Seattle, once again confirms the five new year won the TI championship and even curse rumors. Sina gaming recorded the whole Wings team won the tour five, with an average age of 20 years old created the immortal legend, from the mountain city of Chongqing dream Wings Corps documentary trailer exposure today. A first time to participate in the new TI team, the first time to participate in the TI a group of young players, unknown to the public for they love DOTA2 offer their best youth, eventually won the highest honor on behalf of DOTA2 TI6 championship and a $9 million 120 thousand bonus. From the unknown to the public, to the audience shouting "Wings key arena! Wings!" Waving flag, sing the "Anthem", what is the story behind this? Sina gaming products, combined with the game issue: Dreamer team –Wings TI documentary will be officially launched in September 13th, so stay tuned. Dreamer dreamer documentary documentary countdown Wings special > > > > sina is the vanguard of sina gaming gaming Sina force electronic sports sector, focusing on Sina platform of existing resources and operational experience, sina will create a "typical E-Sports gaming media platform with strong integration platform + strong resources". Website of the League of legends, DOTA2, hearthstone legend, CSGO, watch a pioneer and a series of popular sports games of the match reports and video broadcast content, create a new era of gaming! In addition, Sina gaming as the original video content output side, for making such as video games, micro film, live video programs, kichiku, viral video entertainment creative video content production!相关的主题文章: