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"Dunhuang road" feast "to reproduce the frontier reconstruction taste Silk Road Art" – Beijing, Beijing, September 24 Dunhuang Xinhua (reporter Ding Si Wei Jianjun) Dunhuang black stone cooking fish, lamb, mushroom chicken in Western regions…… 23, record the Xuanquan slip in "Kang Ju Wang messenger entry" ceremony in Gansu Dunhuang sungate reduction scene in Dunhuang, a "Dunhuang welcome banquet" to reproduce the ancient Silk Road. The same day, the Dunhuang diet culture forum and the fifth Silk Road and the Dunhuang Forum on food culture forum held in Dunhuang. Experts and scholars from across the country and entrepreneurs to discuss the "taste silk art" re creation and development, made "Dunhuang cuisine" flying into the homes of ordinary people. The abundance of Dunhuang cuisine, "nine color deer", "Crescent Spring", "Silk Road camel" ancient food appearance, as if people crossing. The creators of dishes for Zhao Changan, he is the vice president of Gansu Dunhuang, Dunhuang Institute of food culture research center director, is also Chinese modern "Dunhuang cuisine" master. The presentation of the "Dunhuang delicacy" is Zhao Changan in Dunhuang literature, manuscripts and murals for the basis of making out. Pictured Dunhuang feast dishes. Ding Si photo taken by an interview with reporters, today, the ceremony of reproduction of the Western Han Dynasty, the food culture of the era of Zhao Changan. Dunhuang is the "western three" hinge of the throat, and all ethnic groups in the western regions have connections, thus each nation will also have their food, taste, cooking techniques to Dunhuang, "South Steamed Rice, tea, millet, North Steamed Rice scattered, West Hu cakes, scones, sugar in India well, cooking, frying, frying, baking, steaming, pressing etc. These Dunhuang common food and cooking methods, reflects the characteristics of the Dunhuang diet, the Chinese compatible, four fu". Dunhuang still retains the integrity of the ancient diet culture and rich historical materials, which Professor Gao Qian, Professor of Lanzhou University of Finance and economics, which is unique in the country". Gao Qian introduced, nearly 70 thousand square meters of frescoes preserved the ancient Silk Road in Dunhuang, Mogao Grottoes, West Cheonbuldong, Anxi County of Yulin cave cave, ancient Dunhuang county and the surrounding area unearthed 50 thousand ancient manuscripts and 20 thousand volumes of Meihan Jin bamboo, these murals and suicide have rich when cooking words and image records. At the same time as the vice president of the Dunhuang Institute of Gansu, Gao Qian, Dunhuang food culture research experts on the introduction of the development of the Dunhuang diet since 1998, has been nearly 20 years, we have been exploring. Especially with the improvement of living conditions of people, the ancient traditional delicacies wholly intact onto the table, people will not accept this, we need to re development, to meet the dietary needs of contemporary people." Pictured Dunhuang feast dishes. Ding Si photo "is one of the new historical," Zhao Changan and the high Qian. Dunhuang food culture research center in the study of food materials along the Silk Road on the basis of the use of modern cooking techniques, the development of a number of classic dishes filled with Dunhuang culture, fashion and classical combination. In addition, the promotion and training of diet etiquette. "An action, such as wine, end plate, forming every etiquette details, are more or less reference to the Dunhuang murals)相关的主题文章: