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Duthel Te said the Philippine fishermen will soon respond to Huangyan Island fishing Chinese original title: October 24, 2016, foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang held a regular press conference Q: first, Philippines during President Duthel Te’s visit last week, Vice Minister Liu Zhenmin said on the island of Huangyan during the talks and no problem. Now there are reports that Duthel Te said Philippines fishermen will soon be able to catch fish on the island of Huangyan. What is China’s response to this? Second, Somali pirates had hijacked 20 more than the Asian mainland and Taiwan, including the crew, crew members, the Ministry of foreign affairs is how to rescue them? How are the crew’s return arrangements? Taiwan crew to return to Taiwan by the mainland? A: the first question, as you know, Philippines President Duthel Te visited China last week. Both China and the Philippines believe this is a historic visit. Because of the reason as everyone knows, in the past five years, Sino Philippine relations have encountered some difficulties during this visit, the two sides demonstrated a sufficient political will, the comprehensive recovery and improvement of relations between the two countries, to further strengthen cooperation, and to manage some of the differences between the two sides of a full exchange of views. I can tell you that there are a lot of areas involved, a lot of questions, and a lot of consensus. As for your specific question, especially in the South China Sea issue, meeting with President Duthel Te, President Xi Jinping pointed out that in most of the time since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries in the two sides in the South China Sea issue through bilateral dialogue and consultation and properly control differences, it is worth to develop political wisdom, but also to continue the successful practice. It is an important consensus on the basis of the healthy and stable development of bilateral relations to ensure that the. On this basis, the two sides can exchange candid views on all issues, the differences between the management and control, to talk about cooperation. I would also like to invite your attention to a joint statement between the two countries during President Duthel Te’s visit to China in both sides has clearly jointly announced that the Philippines to the South China Sea involving their current and other concerns to maintain consultations. So please rest assured that all the relevant issues between China and the Philippines, both sides will maintain sufficient political will, will be properly resolved. The second question, China’s foreign ministry yesterday, has introduced the rescue of 26 crew members on the fishing boat that had been hijacked by Somali pirates for more than 4 years. Among them are Chinese fishermen, including fishermen in mainland China and Taiwan. Details of the Ministry of foreign affairs yesterday introduced more clearly. About an issue between the two sides of the Taiwan Affairs Office to answer is. A spokesman for the Taiwan affairs office this morning has been described. According to him, according to the party’s own intention and the request of the families, the fishermen of Taiwan with other mainland fishermen, from Nairobi back to Guangzhou, his family from Guangzhou back to Taiwan. Q: the Ministry of foreign affairs of Japan before the news release, Guinea President Cont to visit china. Can you introduce the specific arrangements for the visit. What is China’s comment on the current relations? A: the Ministry of foreign affairs has issued a message to the president of the Republic of Guinea Alfa, President of the Republic of China, · will be invited to visit China from October 26th to on a state visit to China from January to November 4th. During President Cont’s visit to China, President Xi Jinping will.相关的主题文章: