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Early market barbaric growth cited reflection: parents and children who need more "early" – Beijing early market barbaric growth cited reflection — parents and children, who need more "early" Xinhua survey wanted to let the children do not lose at the starting line, spent ten thousand dollars for a child early lesson, about the hours to find their favorite courses, at least in line up to 3 months. Recently, tired of this in the Suzhou high tech Zone Jinshi work building 80 father Xia Xiaoyu. Nanjing citizens Ms. Ding was also home to two year old baby learning distress: early education institutions on the market, the introduction of the "advanced educational philosophy", are used in the global unified curriculum system, teaching environment and tools seem very tall, but in the end how to teach, which is more reliable no choice, can make nothing of it. The lack of industry standards, no industry supervision of the early education market, let more parents into temptation. "Caught" parents in August this year, Xia Xiaoyu’s daughter has just reached the age of two. In order to let the children adapt to the upcoming kindergarten life as soon as possible, repeated comparison, Xia Xiaoyu chose an American Development Agency called beautiful Jim. Last year was opened, the environment and teachers are good, sales also committed to the current membership is not much, do not wait. Is there a discount a one-time fee, 3 courses to choose, the package did not deadline, after class can also be continued. Echocardiography, Xia Xiaoyu immediately handed over ten thousand yuan tuition. However, after second days to pay the money, the layout of the class teacher on, told the weekend, Huan Huan class as a result of too many courses, has long been vacant, and other fixed position requires 2 to 3 months. This did not a promise is too large, Xia Xiaoyu put forward immediately, because there is no class to refund. Although after the coordination of the problem solved, but later several appointments, Xia Xiaoyu found that almost all good time classes are required to wait for at least 1 months, to the music class must also be on the instructions". Xia Xiaoyu had once again raised the refund, the refund provisions of sales is then sent to let him give up the idea: within 7 days after the signing of the agreement, not on the course, can be a full refund; on the course of less than 1/3, only back 50%. Nanjing Bobo users also encountered a similar problem. She gave her son in Nanjing "jinbaobei" early education institutions reported a two-year course on less than a year, the original owner of the authorized exit to join, the students are packaged in another agency. If you do not turn back, can There is not much left. tuition. Most of the parents chose to continue, but on a few lessons found that the course content has been shrinking, the quality of the class equipment decreased. But the time has missed the refund time. "It is the tuition discount and institutions’ trap ‘flicker. Many parents can only choose to give up — don’t go to class, no refund." Bobo says. "Barbaric" hidden problems in early childhood education refers to the education of children aged 0-3. In recent years, early childhood institutions such as the world emerged like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, the development of multiple intelligences, feeling training, 3Q education, Meng Tai Li shuttle pattern concept also allows parents to Yurist Lee. "These theories sound good."相关的主题文章: