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High quality ECM software is a powerful yet most user-friendly document management system. The extensive range of options cater for the most .plex of file management tasks. The basic concept of this software is to deliver secure efficiency. It provides the user with his documents, in their entirety, as a virtual archive. This software is aimed at those who want increased productivity by means of an information management solution that is designed around their specific needs. ECM software need never be over specified; only those options that meet specific needs are added to the core application, which can be extended at any time. The essential purpose of ECM software is to organize and manage current documentation so as to enable efficient and cost-effective work processes. The organized and valuable archive that results is but a by-product. The software administrator establishes controlled and monitored access for all users and range of functions. Users may have access to all documents from their network workstation and can process tasks using conventional desktop applications. Any type of file can be stored within this software; it is therefore now possible to review a document in its entirety no matter the original application. ECM software provides all the tools needed for capturing and indexing documents, and the allocation of appropriate access rights. This software establishes a secure environment for multifaceted corporate filing. This software offers the all important features for the import of electronic files, precise scanner control, bulk "near line" storage and hands-free indexing opportunity through targeted OCR and Barcode, with full page OCR providing a recovery opportunity in the event of retrieval criteria that may not have been anticipated. All the tools needed to capture, index, store and retrieve are placed at your fingertips. Standard Features of ECM Software: – User friendly screens and processes – Up to 10 index fields can be individually assigned to each subject Folder – Drag-and-Drop import of "electronic documents" – Full MS-Office integration: – Index by specific and .plementary terms, generic keywords and full text search – .prehensive management of user rights – Server based scheduled activities and document collections – "Wallet" of working documents outside the software’s boundaries – Forward dated retention control – Stellent "Outside In" internal document reader library Optional Features of ECM Software: – Keyword hierarchy module – Library module for group searching across folder boundaries – TiffWriter archiving into ECM software of any printable document – Form Recognition according to unique attributes of logo or placement of keywords – OCR and Barcode modules to automate indexing and provide word tables of selected documents or entire folder collections – Virtual Network Printing (VNP) to software archive in parallel with print job – Document Routing workflow; defined, controlled and logged flow processing – Audit Trail activity logging, administrator definable – COLD import of mainframe data, to include a form overlay facility – "eCopy" integration of software with "intelligent" copier units Contact your local document management .pany for more information about their document management software as well as their ECM software. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: