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Eddie Peng Daniel Wu Huang Xiaoming Ming led the army   actor muscles; sharing Fitness Tips – Fashion – people.com.cn in the bright starlight entertainment circles, male stars have muscle is not what special things, but the whole body is the perfect practice also is not easy, Ming, Eddie Peng and other actor figure is a metrosexual man benchmark, many. To slobber, boys catch up. For male stars, inevitably there will be a number of occasions in the meat show, such as swimming pools, bathrooms, etc.. Everyone in this era of high value, not only the stars want a good figure, many boys also began to join fitness. Take a stock of entertainment have a good body of the actor. A few good figure member with high popularity of idol drama Ming Ming is entertainment, Ming is the kind of suit dress very beautiful artist, micro open shirt under perfect muscles. Ming said: "I am very easy to build muscle physique, but I don’t often go to the gym, a lot of people go to the gym to just head empty running, exercise, they are not even aware of their movement is not a standard, it is of no significance. My body isn’t working out in the gym." In addition to Ming, entertainment and many male stars of the muscle is very perfect, take a stock of several representatives. Eddie Peng Eddie Peng is the circle of the same muscle and as everyone knows, shortly before Eddie Peng and Wei Chen meet in the gym out of muscle photos, two good figure flipping a metrosexual man all the users. Attracted many users to discuss, we have said: "the muscle body is not the same, want to have the good figure like Eddie Peng." Huang Xiaoming don’t see leader busy film do shareholders and AB show of affection, in fact, fitness he has not fallen. Even have the figure in front of the camera, plus a lot of points, the occasional small dew figure he can conquer the audience with ABS and Mermaid line. Aarif Lee understood, in order to develop their own good figure, Aarif Lee in the entertainment circle is a notoriously "fitness Master". Aarif Lee has repeatedly in the interview to share their "fitness", "said the body as a machine, often do sports in order to improve the operation quality of the machine" Daniel Wu Daniel Wu handsome face has had many fans sister, plus the muscle body is simply not to give many sisters calm opportunity in the movie "Peony Pavilion" in the flesh lens is to let the audience couldn’t breathe. Jiang Jinfu Jiang Jinfu 6 pack, speaking of sports this matter, Jiang kifo is a expert. It is understood that he had a special love sports, in order to win the first place in the home run, the final result is suddenly found himself began to have muscle. But he is enjoying himself, although because of the shooting because can not always play, but Jiang kifo will still use the rest of the time in the studio to do push ups, but lift arm, the 90 of the metrosexual man does not relax their body meat is a moment. (Jiang Qi, commissioning editor: Li?)相关的主题文章: