Eight sister Tucao after the 140 phase of the truth behind the deformity of Venus-liuxiaobo

Eight sister Tucao 140: the truth behind Venus deformity toes eight sister and to Tucao, the netizen (strange girl Vivian) asked sister, Ke Zhendong and his girlfriend Tia Lee compound? Look at the news that they were taken again! I see a rare eight sister Ke Zhendong and Tia Lee composite news is true, although the woman responded both just friends, both brokers are denied, but the eight sister still want to tell you, the two is indeed a composite, and the composite has been three months. In April this year, Ke Zhendong was photographed and his daughter Laurinda on the shoulder in hand into the KTV, let the underground girlfriend Tia Lee could explode, thus exposed broke. But then, Ke Zhendong used a variety of words, often WeChat phone Teaser forgiveness, to restore the feeling of this. I hope that this time Ke Zhendong can be a little more emotional. This week, Venus is not only out of the sun shine makeup, but also exposed their toe deformity. This is the first time to see eight elder sister Venus toes, the netizen evaluation says: "feet really ugly", thought that the gold tongue sister will to the netizen scolded, but sister Kim this time and did not care, but in response to "domineering really beautiful dance!" Eight sister think Kim sister not only choreography, mouth beauty. Some netizens are very serious ask sister: "Venus toe is because of dancing or degeneration of the sequela?". This question can be asked to export, eight elder sister take you. We all know that Venus is a dancer, I began to learn to dance, the past few years in the country to do a lot of dance tour last month and dance together in Shenyang. It can be said that she danced around the earth can be a circle, foot injuries can not be avoided, a long time, the toes into a deformity is also reasonable. And whether there is any relationship between the deformity of Venus deformity and the sequelae of degeneration, can only be handed over to experts to answer. The last night of the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, a heartbreaking news leaked, only 28 year old Qiao Renliang died Dutch act in the apartment. According to sources, Qiao Renliang was found wearing a plastic bag suffocation, and was subsequently confirmed by the brokerage firm for the cause of suffering from depression. Yesterday at the Shanghai memorial meeting, many stars appeared to mourn Qiao Renliang, once known as the Li Yifeng, Fu Xinbo turned four, Jing Bairan, did not think they would be together in such a way…… Qiao Renliang opened. Micro-blog, on the latest one is September 7th forwarding micro-blog fans the number of attention has changed from the previous millions to tens of millions. Looking through his micro-blog, he can see that he likes pink and can see his efforts to make a depression. I remember in May of this year, Qiao Renliang also appeared in Shenyang at the time of filming, good mood, giving the impression of an optimistic boy, thought his depression has been completely cured, but it left us. Qiao Renliang in May 21st this year, also appeared in Shenyang filming, eight sisters have a mouth, because there is no any memory of the word in micro-blog, was friends called the ruthless Joe Chen yesterday also appeared in Shanghai to mourn for his friend Qiao Renliang, according to online media who broke the news, Joe Chen is a tearful admission, leave has been choked, although she was wearing sunglasses. Also, his cry red nose. This morning, Jon sent condolences to the text, the inside of the sentence, you hurt me like a daughter like pet o相关的主题文章: