Employees in Nanyang to buy Apple mobile phone company is or was dismissed-sexinse

Employees in Nanyang to buy Apple mobile phone or dismissal notice: the company is the mapping network news (reporter Wang Shao under Yiwen map) recently, there are more than friends broke the news that a company in Nanyang, Henan has issued a document to prohibit employees to buy the new Apple mobile phone, saying "a violation is found, directly to the company for resignation procedures." This image network reporter linked to the company, the company staff said that. [news broke] the company prohibits employees buy Apple mobile phone violators or be dismissed friends broke the news from the company’s paper. Notice wrote: "my company employees are strictly prohibited to buy and use iPhone7 and iPhone7Plus, once found irregularities, directly to the company for resignation procedures. In addition, the company also mentioned in the notice, "if our economy is more, if we allow, let us more care about their health, care for children, pay more attention to the value of life, the rise and fall of the country more care." Once the photo was sent out, it quickly aroused the widespread reprint and discussion of the netizens. Micro-blog’s forwarding and comment amount reached hundreds, and there were many reprinted in the WeChat circle. Some netizens said they could understand the company’s boss’s patriotism, and also agreed to appeal to the staff concerned about their families. Some netizens said that the company was too simple and rude, and there was a violation of the labor law. [] the company said there is this confirmation will consider the provisions of the online information already false ones, whether real or deliberately slander curry favour by claptrap? Mapping network reporter called the company’s phone to verify. A staff member of the company’s administration, surnamed Liu, said the announcement was true on the Internet, and the company did issue such a notice in September 18th. Mr. Liu said that the notice was issued directly by the chairman of the board. Because many of the extreme events that come from buying mobile phones, the chairman wants his employees not to go astray. At the same time, it is also hoped that in the "918" this special day can arouse the patriotic spirit of the staff, so issued such a rule. Mr. Liu said that there were discussions within the company on whether to violate the labor law. The announcement is more about guiding employees to values, hoping that they will not blindly pursue material, but focus on their families. "If employees really buy mobile phones, they should not really dismiss." As for the reasonableness of this provision, he said that he would report to the chairman and consider the provisions again. [] "this explanation in violation of the provisions of the labor contract law" to compensate the company’s dismissal is a violation of the legitimate rights and interests of employees? The reporter consulted the relevant legal persons. According to the introduction, in the "People’s Republic of China labor contract law" thirty-ninth article, to the employer to terminate the labor contract situation made detailed provisions. The company prohibits the use of brand mobile phones by employees, once found that the requirements of the immediate resignation of the provisions of the "labor contract law" article thirty-ninth, therefore, the employer’s constitution, notice in the.

南阳公司员工买苹果手机或遭辞退 公司:确有其事 公司下发的通知   映象网快讯(记者 王邵怡 文 图)近日,有多名网友先后爆料称河南南阳某公司下发文件,禁止员工购买新款苹果手机,并称“一经发现违规者,直接到公司办理辞职手续。”为此映象网记者联系到该公司,公司工作人员表示确有其事。   【爆料】公司禁止员工购买苹果手机 违规者或遭辞退   网友的爆料来自于公司的一纸通知。通知中写道:凡我公司员工严禁购买和使用iPhone7和iPhone7Plus,一经发现违规者,直接到公司办理辞职手续。   此外,公司在通知中还提到,“如果我们经济较宽裕,如果我们条件允许,请让我们更关心父母的健康,更关爱孩子的成长,更关注生命的可贵,更关怀国家的兴亡。”   这张照片一经发出,迅速引起了网友的广泛转载和讨论,微博的转发和评论量都达到了上百条,微信朋友圈中也有不少转载。   部分网友表示可以理解公司老板的爱国之心,也很赞同呼吁员工关心家人的做法。也有网友表示公司此举太过简单粗暴,并且有违反《劳动法》之嫌。   【求证】公司表示确有此事 将会再斟酌规定   网上的信息早已真假难辨,究竟是确有其事还是有人故意造谣哗众取宠?映象网记者拨通了这家公司的电话进行求证。   该公司行政部门一位刘姓工作人员说,网上传的这份通知是真的,公司确实在9月18日下发了这样一份通知。   刘先生表示,这份通知是公司董事长直接下发的。因为看到许多因为购买手机而出现的极端事件,董事长希望自己的员工不要走上歧途。同时也是希望在“918”这个特殊的日子能唤起员工的爱国之心,因此下发了这样一个规定。   刘先生表示,针对是否违反《劳动法》的质疑,公司内部也有讨论。这个通知更多的是希望对员工们起到一个价值观的引导作用,希望他们能够不盲目追求物质,而是关注家人。   “如果真的有员工购买了手机,应该也不会真的就辞退。”   至于这一规定的合理性,他表示会跟董事长上报,对规定再进行斟酌。   【释疑】规定违反《劳动合同法》 辞退员工需赔偿   公司的这一规定是否侵犯了员工的合法权益?记者咨询了相关法律人士。   据介绍,在《中华人民共和国劳动合同法》第三十九条中,对用人单位解除劳动合同的情形做出了详细规定。该公司关于禁止员工使用品牌手机,一经发现要求立即辞职的规定违反了《劳动合同法》第三十九条,因此该用人单位的章程、通知在违反法律规定时是无效的。   此外,如果员工因为购买苹果手机而遭到辞退,那么该公司还应该向被辞退员工进行赔偿。相关的主题文章: