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UnCategorized After dinner speaking is a form of public speaking that originated from the ancient Greeks who believed that the ability to deliver a speech was important not only in public but in their private life too. It began because if any citizen wanted to succeed in politics, court or general social life they had to learn the basic techniques of public speaking. Schools were even set up to teach people the art of public speaking. The Romans also took this very seriously and the study of grammar and the preparation of speeches became a .pulsory part of the curriculum. This then developed over the centuries into different types of public speaking and the advancement of technology has meant that speakers and public orators range from people such as television presenters and radio presenters to business speakers. Special clubs and organisations have been set up today to allow training for people who want to develop and improve their speaking skills. They are able to work on developing a relationship with the audience for example how old the audience is the balance of men and woman the mood of the occasion and whom it is for. They develop their control of voice and pitch and learn the use of gestures. This preparation helps people to feel more .fortable when talking to different audiences and eliminates the .mon fear of public speaking or stage fright otherwise known as glossophobia that causes people to panic and feel unable to speak. It also means that there are different speakers for different categories that specialize in certain things. For example if a golf club was having a formal meal as a charitable event they would be able to hire a speaker that knows a lot about golf which means the speaker and the audience are able to relate more creating an easier experience for the speaker and a more enjoyable one for the audience. An after dinner speaker is a person who is invited or hired to attend a formal or charitable event as a performer or entertainer to lighten the mood of the audience by adding humour and motivating or persuading which can help to raise money for the event. However sometimes they simply just entertain by telling amusing anecdotes. A successful after dinner speaker is a confident person who understands their audience and is able to motivate feelings whatever the occasion. The speech itself can range from 10 minutes to 40 minutes depending on the speaker and the occasion although the average is around 35 minutes. It is intended to be memorable, exciting and creative with lots of energy that leaves audience remembering the evening. Some actors are after dinner speakers as they are able to talk to audiences of all sizes .fortably and are able to recall on amusing tales from their professions. Mainstream celebrity after dinner speakers can cost anywhere between $500 and $10000 but other speakers range according to how good they are and how good their re.mendations are. When you are selecting an after dinner speaker find an authorised agency and explain what your requirements are. They will usually be able to make the perfect re.mendation. The agencies usually split the speakers into porting speakers such as football speakers, rugby speakers, cricket speakers and a few other sports, celebrity speakers, .edians, and several who have had amazing careers such as a former heart surgeon, a former prison warden, and a former pilot who have some incredible stories to tell. Some after dinner speakers agencies support charities and fund raisers being held by smaller clubs and associations. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: