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family education | parent-child picture book tasting manual many parents for the children do not concentrate in class, homework, write a word out of distress, the parents asked me a question: "the most is how to make the child to concentrate on?" In fact, attention is a human instinct, do not need to teach, all new, fast, moving things will attract the attention of children. But it is the essence of short, attention can not stay long in the same place, because the brain’s limited resources, it is like the screen tower airport, constantly updated, in order to avoid the enemy suddenly emerge, if not see, would be killed. Therefore, once the brain with that thing, know it harmless, will no longer deal with it, we have such as "objectionable environment but not its long smell, smelly". His attention was very short, only motivation can make it longer, because the distribution of brain resources determined motivation, kids interested in things, such as ants, can look for a long time. To focus on children, must start from the motivation. Because the human brain is not evolved to read, reading is an additional burden imposed by civilization, so reading is not an instinct, but a habit. The brain has great plasticity and can be changed by the outside world. In order to read, the brain has made many adjustments, such as the original face parts processing seconded to the text. The experiment found that the illiterate brain is different from the literate. A man who does not read on weekdays will ask him to read. If he cannot read the word, but he did not have the habit of reading, attention not too long, eyes will always jump. Therefore, the child to form the habit of reading the future, only to see the book. It is not difficult to cultivate the focus, you can start from parent-child reading. When reading, put the child in her arms, because the bosom is warm, the child will love, and parents’ attention on him, the children feel respected will be very happy; once the children read with pleasure together, motivation is generated, the brain will be assigned to the reading resources. As the children read more and more of the text, his focus will be longer and longer. So reading is a good way to develop concentration. Children do homework slowly, do not concentrate, most of the reasons is not a child’s brain problems, but the work is too boring. Before scolding the child, may wish to take a look at the contents of the course, perhaps even our adults can not sit. You can sit in a chair and copy the text ten times without moving it? The United States strongly advocated the combination of work and life, that is, when they can learn to use, the child will learn. Don’t scold the child with attention, as the improvement work content, make the child automatic focus. Another way to improve your focus is to exercise. The study found that when people focus on doing one thing, dopamine in the brain and serum in the very high concentrations (treatment of attention deficit and hyperactivity of the drug — Ritalin, is to make the brain secrete more dopamine). The study also found that the movement to a certain extent when painting相关的主题文章: