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"Very wise" chase Shanghai boot Kunling Liang Jing portrait of joining Sina entertainment news recently, by Xi Yi film making, BlissMedia produced by domestic and international media attention to the international action movie "intellectual pursuit: Dragon robbery" (S.M.A.R.T. Chase:Fire& Earth) began filming in Shanghai, one of the leading actor of the movie, the first scene filmed and became popular because of "Nirvana in Fire" in "flies" corner of positive energy teen idol Wu Lei [micro-blog] was in the morning, in the studio and the International Creative who attended the opening ceremony and short machine, to the foreign directors "teach" China boot custom, the atmosphere of the scene bursting with joy. At the same time, following Orlando Bloom, Simon Yam, Wu Lei, Xiong Dailin [micro-blog] [micro-blog], Chang Rong, Cao Kefan, Yan can release and other famous actors, crew exposure to two Chinese star of "king of woman" Kunling [micro-blog] and [micro-blog] temperament actress Liang Jing also announced a blockbuster franchise the film, which played an important role. "Very wise pursuit" Shanghai Wu Leicheng "rain boot old driver" "intellectual pursuit: Dragon robbery" enable all the international production team, and the whole shooting in Shanghai, tells the story of the stunt elite international team, escort a mysterious treasure China exciting stories. In the starting ceremony scene, from the British law six GMT crew held a brief but interesting starting ceremony: first in a Chinese start-up mode to burn incense to pray in the western manner, then, to write and smashed all the actors behind the creative signature disc, finally cast the unveiling of the camera. Red cloth, film "very intellectual pursuit" officially announced the start. For the Chinese team members of the foreign custom boot, are seen for the first time, China can only follow the crew now sell in the field, from the British director Charles Martin is to steal old driver Wu Lei incense movement, attracted all the staff can not help but laugh again and again, the atmosphere relaxed. Chase: "very wise dragon robbery" officially started filming in the morning coincides with heavy rain in Shanghai, saying the elegant strokes out of wind and rain, water is made, the rain boot gave the best movie meaning. Coincidentally, the same day the crew began filming, and then the weather clears, it was a godsend. The all star team add card companies Wang Sao Kunling, actress Liang Jing joined the chase: "very wise dragon robbery" exposure list actor lineup is very strong, in addition to Wu Lei, the "intellectual pursuit" announced a high-profile star in the films by actor Orlando Bloom, elf prince. In addition, the film in the same elite elite. Following the continuous exposure of Hongkong Academy Award winner Simon Yam, Almighty goddess Xiong Dailin, the fourth generation of Kung Fu King Shiyan, "Yu sin" "network drama director Xu Rong and Cao Kefan" Shanghai people on both sides of the three other actors to join strength, "very intellectual pursuit" exposure to two Chinese crew female star – "King sweet Sao Kunling and aura winner Liang Jing blockbuster franchise. In recent years, full flowering frequently appear in the mainland television variety perfect freaky Kunling, will be the first international cooperation production team)相关的主题文章: