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Fake Audi auto parts warehouse stealth Village cottage products serious security risks – financial Sohu fake Audi auto parts warehouse stealth Village cottage Chaoyang District raided and seized fake auto parts 175 Beijing morning news (reporter Chen Lin) "Audi" piled up in the warehouse safety airbag, safety belt and other accessories, it’s clear, "hidden" in the a cottage village. Yesterday, Chaoyang District, Warwick Business came to the area near a large auto parts City, on the hiding in the village of Pingfang District auto parts warehouse illegal raids, seized counterfeit auto parts products 175. The warehouse is located in parts of the city around the village, a small cottage is a less than twenty square meters. The warehouse is put inside the two 4 storey iron shelves, packaging boxes on the shelf cluttered all kinds of auto parts, warehouse is cluttered with ten boxes. The logo on the box to Audi, the main products for airbags, seat belts, air curtains, etc.. On the desk in the warehouse, law enforcement officers also found a number of parties to record the delivery of data notebook, as well as a large number of purchase and sales documents. "These auto parts assembly for renovation,, part of the old Audi auto parts with fake accessories, the other part is completely false." Audi trademark rights on the spot identification, these fake gasbag and safety belt there is a serious safety hazard, once the accident, the airbag may not bounce, consequences be unbearable to contemplate. According to the parties concerned, these counterfeit auto parts were purchase from the field, he received orders by telephone, mainly sent to Beijing City auto parts stores, occasionally overseas shipping. A balloon in the wholesale price of two hundred yuan to three hundred yuan, while in the store for sale, can sell for thousands of dollars. Suspicion of automobile safety belt and airbag, have a significant impact on personal safety, industry and commerce departments have suspected 175 products withheld infringement, and investigation on the matter. Huawei Chaoyang Branch, deputy director of industry and Commerce Li Jianquan said that these counterfeit products have no formal sales and quality inspection procedures, product technical standards, quality, and product warehouse can purify the auto market from the source. Law enforcement officers to remind consumers to buy auto parts, to observe whether the product is a complete logo, are clearly marked with the manufacturer’s name, address and telephone number, product name, product type, product quality level and product quality inspection certificate, at the same time we must retain good evidence, so that as an important credential in quality disputes.相关的主题文章: