Fan Xin vine said Zhang Jizhong and early discord he too much fame and fortune asked me to join the -66814

Fan Xin man said as early as Zhang Jizhong and not too much fame: he asked me to join American fan Xin man all star on August 30th, broke the news that the famous producer Zhang Jizhong’s wife fan Xin man derailed son Xiao Qi, and Fan Xiao said two people are trying to transfer Zhang Jizhong served as president of the "cultural property company" jamie. Then evening, Zhang Jizhong son Xiao Qi publicly denied having an affair with fan Xin man, said people do day in perspective, malicious slander others can only become a joke. Zhang Jizhong and his wife Fan Xinman also said the derailment rumors false, saying that this year, to be a normal decent people, it should not be difficult, right? All the reporters who called me were invited to the". Sorry, I can’t guide Xiao, silence. Keep on working hard." A number of public entertainment Hu Ba doctors interviewed Fan Xin man, she was exposed for more than and 20 minute interview many dirt, said Zhang Jizhong private life erosion unbearable, to mention only for the preservation of a section. In the media exposed the telephone interview, Zhang Jizhong said that Zhang Jizhong and his wife, good, because to see other people honest, but Zhang Jizhong have low education, junior high school education, Zhang Jizhong’s success is his wife Fan Xinman. Fan Xinman said, Zhang Jizhong once wrote in a note last hundreds of thousands of words, most willing to Zhang Jizhong, just want to do her husband silently behind the woman. But later the two divisions, fan Xin man Zhang Jizhong respect, not a director, said Zhang Jizhong is not genuine, sincere, not a man. Why don’t you and Zhang Jizhong? Point of view, the concept of money are not the same as the face of media, fan Xin man said there is discord between two people: "since 2009, our relationship has become very stiff, because many of the details of life, ideas, including the perception of money is not the same. I advised him that you stock inside so much money, you took part to do charity, for example to children in the mountainous areas, but he did not agree, because I have been doing "moving Chinese", I have been to the public this thing is very care about, I went to the donations include all written before, the name of Zhang Jizhong, did not leave her name. He also began to buy luxury goods, I began to have a great deal of his views." "He wants to enter the United States, I do not want, I will never enter the United States in this life, how is this possible?" Zhang Jizhong has a 3 year old illegitimate child exposure is not want to give him a late 09 years from the 10 years since Zhang Jizhong did not go home to live, two people relationship crumbled. 10 years, his friends have proposed divorce, fan Xin man refused, and said two people get married for a long time, I give him security section. With emotion, fan Xin man more broke Mengliao said, Zhang Jizhong now has a 31 years younger than him girl, raised in the United States, this time may be back to Beijing. Before Zhang Jizhong is too small to take the girlfriend to go to fan Xin man’s hometown of Hangzhou, fan guide friends also received two of them. Two people have been secretly contacts, fan Xin man until the last winter knew the mistress of. Fan Xinman also said that Zhang Jizhong had a three year old bastard! Not born with his current girlfriend. And over the past few years has been boiling.相关的主题文章: