Farm water temperature cabbage soaring under about one hundred thousand pounds of fish hypoxia died 追踪309

Farm water cabbage under high temperature soaring about one hundred thousand kilograms of fish dead (Figure) – min of hypoxia in east area of Meishan city in the new network Fu Niu Zhen He Dong Haruki acres of waters covered with water cabbage, caused one hundred thousand kilograms of fish dead Zhang Jianshe villagers Ye Benkang show the crazy growth of Chinese cabbage water Jiang Lin photo "before the farm no longer than water cabbage, but in May this year, water cabbage surfaced, since August, the growth rate of Chinese cabbage water amazing, more than and 10 Salvage workers are busy, the fish began to die……" Yesterday, Meishan city Min Dong new area rich cattle town Hedong Village, thousands of acres of waters, water cabbage and other aquatic plants will be surrounded by hundreds of cage, rotten cabbage water and dead fish smell, hundreds of thousands of pounds in silver carp breeding flowers under water cabbage siege almost died, 12 groups of villagers Ye Benkang et al. Tears. Director of the Meishan Municipal Bureau of Fisheries fishery Peng Jianan said, and this year the soaring water cabbage at high temperature for a long time. Hot weather, speed up the growth rate and the number of cabbage cabbage, cabbage cover the water surface, the impact of photosynthesis, resulting in low oxygen levels in the water, resulting in hypoxia. Farm water cabbage soaring ten kilograms of fish dead villagers did not go to the farm, the stench bursts water cabbage and dead fish on the nostrils. Turn down from the Minjiang River, taste even more. Ye Benkang farms appeared in front of the water almost invisible, if not by water cabbage squeeze together a large dead fish floating net cage and the cage, it will be difficult to this piece of Wang Budao side full of green plants and fish farms connected region. Fish for nearly ten years, Ye Benkang has never appeared in the field of this kind of water called cabbage aquatic plants, so in May this year, there was a small amount of water in the field when the cabbage did not care. Ye Benkang has 38 cages, as in previous years the breeding time, the fish will be sold before and after the mid autumn festival. But at the beginning of August, the sudden change in the situation of the breeding farm water cabbage began soaring, approaching from the shore to the cage, a night approaching ten meters; at the same time, the fish began to die. Ye Benkang hastened to ask workers to clean up, temporarily stopped the momentum of the death of fish. But the beginning of August 17th, the weather continued hot, a few days water cabbage almost covered cage, cage fish belly white, to death. Haruki’s other farm fish cages have different degrees of death. Villagers Zhou Minghua said that his 14 kilograms of fish in the cages, less than a week almost died. "Because the water cabbage blooms and multiply, seize the growth space of the fish, the fish die of suffocation. The cabbage cabbage rot and sank to the bottom, causing two damage to fish. At this stage, the progress of fishing is far behind the growth rate of cabbage." Ye Benkang said that the highest temperature in the past few days, a cabbage cabbage can be distributed five or six strains out a night. Hedong Village 12 group leader Zhou Mingliang said, only 12 groups of waters on the 400 acres of Cabbage by water invasion, more than 10 farmers have more than ten million pounds of dead fish. Hot days soared cabbage covered water caused by water more than 12 fish die of suffocation Hedong Village Group, director of the Meishan Municipal Bureau of Fisheries fishery Peng Jianan, August before he.相关的主题文章: