Female students cheated 110 thousand said ID information suspected of money laundering in Beijing-incubus

Female students cheated 110 thousand said ID card information for money laundering – Beijing – reporter Wang Yuesheng telecommunications fraud prone, the day before yesterday, the reporter was informed that a college student in Henan Pingyu county also suffered a hoax. The criminals to identity information on suspicion of money laundering in the name of her guide home $110 thousand transferred to another bank card, the money after being two times to turn away. Yesterday afternoon, Pingyu County Public Security Bureau relevant responsible person said, after the incident, the Council attaches great importance to the leadership, has asked the police brigade full investigation. [] female students encounter said was cheated 110 thousand yuan cheated girl Xiao Yan, is a university student in the fall semester, you’ll have to read a sophomore. She said that in August 20th, her mother’s cell phone received a strange phone, and then she took the phone, call each other. The other claiming to be a health care center, said Yan Yan Medicare card reimbursement of 19870 yuan. Xiao Yan immediately said that she is not reimbursed. Subsequently, the other said, your ID card information leaked, you need to report, and directly connected to the Public Security Bureau of the phone. Xiao Yan did not think too much, reported his identity card number. Each other and say, "your ID card information for money laundering, must you take home all the money transfer to a new account, so you can prove that you are innocent." The other asked: "how much money on your bank card?" Xiao Yan said, only 3000 yuan". The other asked, "how much money in your home?" Xiao Yan said "110 thousand". Because the family is the father of the money saved, and the father in the field to work, and the money out of the deposit to a new card, must be the father’s identity card. Xiao Yan called his father to say this thing. After the father sent the ID card, Xiao Yan in August 23rd to save 110 thousand and 494 yuan in the home to a new card. Xiao Yan said that after the money deposit, the other said to protect the settings, in fact, in the process, they have put money away." After 7 hours later, Xiao Yan grew more and more wrong, put the matter to a friend said, friends say this is likely to be a hoax. After checking the details of the small Yan found that the account, the criminals in two times to turn away her card of $110 thousand and 11, plus the time of the transfer was deducted from the fee of two, her card balance of only $450.80. Xiao Yan said that during the call, the other party has asked her not to tell anyone, otherwise it is leaked case. [in] the County Public Security Bureau has on file, is the full investigation of small Yan Yan introduced the students, usually very simple, money cheated after very sad, seeing about school, but no money to pay tuition. Xiao Yan said that the money was cheated parents saved most of their lives, ready to get married for nearly two years. After the incident, she only told the mother, the father working outside, afraid he can not afford, dare not tell him, "I hope good people to help look at this thing, can not let criminals go unpunished". In August 24th, Xiao Yan came to Pingyu County Public Security Bureau police brigade police report, accepting the receipt marked "2016.8.23 Pingyu County Yan * * fraud case, i.相关的主题文章: