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[figure] recommend 2.0T elite version of the Jaguar XFL car purchase manual – Sohu car [Sohu car] yesterday, a group of Wang Jianlin’s interview brush brush burst circle of friends. He said, "it’s a good thing for young people to set goals, but one step at a time, you must set a small goal, such as first make it one hundred million."… Well, we admit that you have money, "one hundred million" is only a small target… Or to return to reality, look at this car, I have to admit that today’s Chinese people are more and more money, a luxury brand in the car can reach twenty thousand monthly sales. In such a macro background, made by Chery Jaguar Land Rover Jaguar XFL (really long… Hereinafter referred to as’ Jaguar XFL ‘or’ XFL ‘listed… On the evening of August 29, 2016, by the Jaguar Chery’s new Jaguar XFL models officially listed. The new push 2.0T, 3.0T two displacement of 8 models available to consumers, the price range of 38.8-68.8 million. The new car is located in a large Taichung car, on the basis of the overseas version of the wheelbase of the 140mm extension. After the listing will compete with Mercedes Benz E class, BMW 5 series and Audi A6L and other luxury brands in large cars. After the introduction of the background, across the 300 thousand yuan range of these 8 cars which is called a small target it? Look down and you know… Lift the luxury brand of large cars, BBA (Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi) in the Chinese market has absolute dominance. This thing you know, I know, Chery Jaguar Land Rover must know. To the near saturated market make a difference, and personality is not only the brand, technology, configuration and price level will have the advantage of good face, China consumers could only buy it. Therefore, the Jaguar XFL in standard probably did not embarrass everyone: panoramic sunroof, automatic air conditioning, xenon headlamps, laminated glass, and even Meridian British treasure are all standard of sound. However, it is regrettable that the keyless entry, reversing the image of these two very practical and not high cost of configuration missing. In the luxury brand C car, the two added together may be less than ten thousand dollars (Auto City may be cheaper) configuration, it should not. 2.0T 200PS ————————————————————————— ————————————————————————— configuration analysis Fenghua version: an introduction to the sincerity enough, slightly less than the guidance price: 388 thousand yuan index: 2.0T 200PS. The recommended price of 388 thousand yuan of Fenghua version is the Jaguar XFL Department entry models, configuration level for the whole of the standard level, the British treasure, is a panoramic sunroof configuration to highlight its noble status. And according to the needs of optional front row)相关的主题文章: