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Final G7 model! Erwin 3 pointer Le Fu re cut large Sohu – two pairs of sports > > data point shooting Erwin record in the opener he scored 29 points, but also take two pairs of large Carrefour two people into the state, soon. Beijing time on October 29, 2016, the Raptors home court against the Cavaliers, Erwin scored 26 points and 6 rebounds and 6 assists, and staged the finals last season G7, hit the winning three points, while Kevin scored 18 points and 10 rebounds, the final rider to win 94-91 toronto. How good is the ability to rebound? The first section is only 4 minutes when he grabbed 5 rebounds and shooting, then a person involved in the break dribble assists James layup, and Erwin’s first shot hit in the first quarter, Knight began to turn from a guest into a host. The first section of 5 minutes between Erwin and Lori began a few times in a rivalry, Lori first completed a three ball, then Erwin singled out Lori hit a return of three points. While Lok Fu in the first section of the state is really good, especially in the first section of the last minute, Kevin continuous low challenged Paterson to step back and back behind the flexible continuous hit two times the CIC, once even singled out by a back crotch type cross step to change, again making a foul. Erwin and Le Fu in the first section of the contact and cooperation, this is the season of the two giants of the different places. But Erwin in the second quarter a bit addicted to feelbad singled out, although the continuous missing shots, but the Raptors just chase points, Erwin singled out or solve the problem, his two consecutive jump stop once again opened the score. The first game Erwin had a single 19 minutes, and today is good at the outbreak of a single section of Erwin in the second quarter again good performance. While the music Fu also not resigned to playing second fiddle the final minutes of the first half, he was continuously and repeatedly hit the basket, protecting the basket, and Erwin played together in the climax, the Raptors chasing 3 points once again hit the climax ahead by 11 points. And Erwin’s hand extended to the beginning of the third quarter, the Cavaliers team feel is not good, but in addition to Erwin. Erwin started in the second half, with the continuous singled out to solve the problem, he first used a change to shot hit the vote, then directly in three from singled out step back to hit three points, one to curb the Raptors counterattack. And then Kevin and began to get angry, when 24 seconds will hit a buzzer shot. Today, Erwin and Le Fu’s strong play, to make up for the downturn in the James. The fourth day battle of life and death, the Raptors once again will score up to 1 points in the fourth quarter results, Erwin 7 minutes to hit a key three pointers, then Erwin pass to Carrefour, Carrefour and homeopathic assists James attack the basket, between the big three from Erwin and Le Fu began to play a chemical reaction, again to counter the Dragon knight. At the last 5 minutes, and is the key to help James assists Erwin dunk, leading 3 points. The final 44.3 seconds, Erwin as last season G7 finals that hit a deadly three ball, by virtue of this goal ultimately win Knight raptors, Erwin once again become the key to mr.. (Han Shao)相关的主题文章: