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News-and-Society Finding The Wedding Dress Of Your Dreams Is At The Top Of Every Brides Wedding List. From the moment you get engaged it will be one of the most important things you will choose after setting your wedding date and booking the reception venue. Shopping for your wedding dress can be a daunting task so Wedding Journal recently caught up with Petticoat Lane Bridal Boutique owner Katie Patterson to get some advise on buying your wedding dress and getting the finished item… Katie said: "From the moment any bride gets engaged their main excitement is to start trying on wedding dresses. We recommend that brides decide on the type of wedding they are having and the venue they will be holding it in before picking the wedding dress of their dreams. For example, a chic city wedding would suit a contemporary wedding dress whereas a fairytale castle would suit a princess style gown, so the venue of the wedding plays a big factor in choosing the style of your wedding dress. We would encourage brides to pick out wedding dresses that suit their personalities while also suiting the style of their overall wedding. As we stock a wide range of exclusive wedding dress designers that are not stocked throughout Northern Ireland we feel that our typical bride likes to have a unique wedding dress for their special day." Katie suggests starting to look for your wedding dress 14 months before the wedding is ample time: "We believe that beginning your search around 14 months before the big day is about perfect. This way you can spend a few months looking around as many bridal boutiques you feel you need to and that are suitable to your wants and needs." Irelands Wedding Journal recommends that you should really do a good bit of homework before you start your wedding gown search. Buy as many wedding magazines as possible as they will become your bible over the next number of months. Rip out the pages of wedding dress that you love look at the designer or manufactures website and print out dresses that you would like to try on and then contact the bridal boutiques to make an appointment. Appointments usually last about an hour and make sure you bring someone with you who will tell you the truth. So that might be your mum or your sister, best friend whoever as long as they can tell you truthfully how you look in the dress and you are happy to take their criticisms! When shopping for your wedding dress you will need to bring good underwear with you a strapless bra is a must and if you plan on wearing fake tan make sure it won’t come off on the dresses you are trying on, as the bridal shop won’t be impressed! After you have made your final decision on the dress you want Katie suggests you order the wedding gown one year to nine months before your wedding day, as this will then allow time for alterations. Katie continued: "As soon as the gown arrives in store we ask the bride to come to the boutique to try on her ‘very own’ wedding dress to ensure everything is just perfect. We then arrange an appointment for the bride to see our seamstress eight weeks before the big day and depending on each individual bride they may see our seamstress once or twice after this. We store their wedding dress in the boutique right up to the week off the wedding and we have it perfectly steamed for its collection. "When a bride buys a dress in our store we also offer them discounts off any bridesmaids, mother of the bride/groom and accessories purchased in store. We love accessorising a bridal gown with quirky parasols, elegant jewellery, and fabulous shoes to finish off the perfect look so you will be able to find your whole bridal parties outfits in the store." Article originally published in ..weddingjournalonline.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: