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Note: before the financial firm uninterested? As to cover! Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them!   admission time is long, two cattle also found a number of market routines". For example, major holidays before each to everybody, not only no job, even funds are uninterested, strong wait-and-see atmosphere spread! The United States market crash, so the day before yesterday we Dikaidizou; the night before the Dow retaliatory rose 240 points, yesterday we Gaokaidizou, this can not blame what stocks in the head? I want to say A shares this performance, not only follow the new trend of globalization, and retain their own characteristics, also it is really a long story. It is no wonder that some experts commented: a long-term bull market, as long as there is a significant decline in the OTC funds will bee rush to raise, just as the u.s.. A low-spirited bear, just turn, just like A stock market." Look at yesterday’s market performance, naturally understand this point. A cup of tea a cigarette a point to stare at the day, the final closing is only two points higher than the day before yesterday, but I am quite satisfied with the two cows. Anyway, the "fall" to stop, and then have the possibility to counter! We must not let down, investors around the world look down. If you want to say the recent market sentiment, it is basically a word to sum up: downturn. Yesterday a lot of hedge assets began to warm, for example, two cattle have been the focus of the gold ETF have turned red, although rose is not much, but at least, the funds to the popular sentiment. In this context, the entire market are chasing security assets, requiring security as the basis and prerequisite for investment. In fact, look at the recent hot and popular varieties, there are points of the heart. For example, scheduled to open debt based on fast, while the partial stock funds has been mired in mud up to 13 months. Public data show that last year issued a total of 256 equity funds, the total share of the first raised 359 billion 645 million copies, and this year, the first two values of only 41, two copies. Although the market situation is expected this year, will certainly affect the issue of the stock based, but shrink so much, but it never thought. Money is too realistic, a second you Lennon Lennon I, the next second market direction turn immediately fell out. Two cattle do not comment on what, who let me also a negligible one? At present the market, regardless of whether others are uninterested, but after several months of practice, two cattle I learned early on the dialectical view of the problem. Market continues to adjust the pattern of shock, the market may occur at any time callback. So, for me, is the price between the opportunity to catch the opening! This does not have experts say, "bargain hunting in the vicinity of 2980". What does this show? First, the market is likely to continue to adjust, you have to carry on not to be washed out; second相关的主题文章: