Five households spend 600 yuan subsidy for Village Cadres please eat also

Five households spend 600 yuan subsidy for Village Cadres: please eat also eat the original title: Five Guarantees: yanguobamao treat when Hugh Author: Wang Xiuning source: Chinese Youth Daily of any provision for a layer down, is a cost. On the one hand is the execution, management, distribution costs; on the other hand, governments at all levels (including village committees) have the ability and willingness of interception. The 63 year old widowed Zhong Guangfu, in order to apply for family planning special subsidies, spent 600 yuan please village and township cadres to eat, buy cigarettes. The money, the old man was made a sling for several months of accumulated. In this regard, the village Party Secretary Yang Xiuguang also said: "I’m sorry people not to eat." Not long ago, Anyue County Sichuan Baita Temple Township in Ziyang city flower village, a villager called "Huaxidoushibao" "supervision" hotline 028-96111, reflecting the villagers to the village office, village cadres will suggest dinner or send red envelopes. The village a small group leader bluntly, please Haruki, township leadership dinner has become the village’s custom". The 63 year old widowed Zhong Guangfu in the village, in order to apply for family planning special subsidies, spent 600 yuan please village and township cadres to eat, they buy cigarettes. See this news, I like almost all people, to the poor farmers feel vulnerable, the expression of village denounced greed, also on rural political ecology is concerned. Five guarantees is the object of state support, these yanguobamao village cadres really hateful. For such a thing, people who have lived in rural areas will not be unfamiliar. I grew up in the edge of the reservoir, the original village land was flooded, every year there are some subsidies, until a few years ago, these subsidies by the state issued directly to each farmer’s bank card, yanguobamao things considered the end. From the point of view of the author’s hometown case, countries through financial means and information, finally stopped yanguobamao this behavior. Since each farmer has a passbook or debit card, so that the poor can be directly related to farmers and the flow of information and money. This over most bureaucratic levels, or even over the village cadres subsidies, and ultimately reached the full, timely delivery of the effect. "Southern Weekend" has done a series of reports on the competition in poor counties, about the poorest counties because they are too poor to comment on poor counties. This is of course very ironic. But we need to be aware of: the selection of the power of poor counties in the hands of certain organizations, the establishment of standards, identification, weight and scoring, which are in the hands of some specific people and institutions. Any county that wants to get the hat must go through their certification. It can be predicted that these selection work itself is not enough open and transparent, can not introduce sufficient supervision. So, not so poor counties can take advantage of their own funds to RBI, thereby obtaining state funding. In the poverty-stricken counties in the competition, and I saw the five guarantees are not the same. I do not know the report is not deep enough, or really not the same. However, from a rational point of view, as long as the selection itself is not fully open, just and fair, the lack of corresponding Hao相关的主题文章: