Food and Drug Administration Mid Autumn Festival moon cake sold or destroyed or made into feed-nibbuns

Food and Drug Administration: Mid Autumn Festival moon cake sold or destroyed or made feed yesterday, the supermarket warehouse moon cake began to be returned to manufacturers. Guangzhou Daily reporter Chen Youzi took part in the Mid Autumn Festival, a lot of supermarket shelves on the supermarket moon cake seems to disappear overnight. Where did you sell the moon cakes? Moon cake manufacturers recycling moon cake will be how to deal with? Yesterday, the reporter visited a number of supermarkets, moon cake manufacturers, tracing the whereabouts of moon cake. Baiyun District food and drug administration, said the person, the moon cake shelf life of only 45~60 days, in the warranty period, the general sales side of low-cost processing, if not sold, most of them will be returned to manufacturers. After returning there are two directions, one is destroyed, to prevent the influx of the market again, and the two is broken down as a feed to feed the sale of the farm." The staff said, the recovery of moon cake is not mandatory, but moon cake manufacturers and sellers to set protocol. The Guangzhou Daily reporter: Xiao Guilai and Xiao Guilai, he Jia, Chen Ying Guangzhou Daily reporter Chen Youzi supermarket shops in Tianhe Park North Gate supermarket left little   all back to the manufacturer after the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, Tianhe Park North Gate Lijiacheng supermarket, moon cake has disappeared. The store official Mr. Jiang told reporters: "the mid autumn festival day almost all sold out, Guangzhou restaurant, Lianxiang floor of the moon cake is very popular. The remaining boxes we returned to the manufacturers." Location: luochongwei Pine Street bakery removed the packaging box single sales yesterday, in the west side of the Xingan supermarket bakery, also have the moon cake sales, the price is 6 yuan, 8 yuan a. Clerk, these moon cakes are produced in their own stores. "These are the original moon cake box, the Mid Autumn Festival is over, we put the box down, as the bulk moon cake sales, if in accordance with the original average of at least 20 yuan moon cake." Location: the people along the road are other manufacturers confirm the return of a small supermarket reporter came to the people’s road, in the refrigerator have a Guangzhou restaurant 6 box 4 pack and 30 box 2 pack of mooncake in the warehouse, supermarket, the reporter also saw a box of Tao taoju of seven stars. The clerk told reporters: there are some moon cake we have returned, ice cream moon cake returns and other manufacturers need to confirm, so we are still selling." Manufacturer: Guangzhou restaurant with two thousand or three thousand boxes of domestic Guangzhou restaurant group deputy general manager Zhao Liping told reporters, Guangzhou restaurant moon cake production each have a box of a bar code, a traceability system, daily production and sale of the number, the use of big data can be analyzed, also to estimate the number of production for second days. Zhao Liping also said that the annual Mid Autumn Festival, the market of the Guangzhou restaurant moon will be out of stock status. The final market sale of moon cake is not much, even if sold, the company will send to the enterprise workers, thousands of employees, one box, two thousand or three thousand boxes will soon be the domestic sale. Floor: destroyed when foodwaste treatment department manager Deng floor quality control in Guangzhou City Food Factory Co. ltd..相关的主题文章: