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Is your child suffering from the effects of bullies? Are you concerned about your son or daughter’s sense of self-confidence, self-esteem, or emotional health and well-being? Do you look around every day and see the reports and news stories about the epidemic that we’re facing, and wonder why, if we have all of these anti-bullying programs in the schools… …why is there still so much bullying going on?! I know I do! And, as a concerned parent, I want to make sure that my child is safe from the effects of, not only school bullying but, bullying throughout her entire life. I want to make sure that when I do whatever it is that I’m going to do to make the school bully stop harassing, threatening, or hurting her, that it’s not just about "that" bully – but "every" potential bully… EVER! But, that’s not what’s happening these days. That’s not what you’ll find in most of the anti-bullying programs supposedly designed to stop school bullying. It’s also not what you’ll find in most .panies when it .es to workplace bullying, lateral workplace violence (harassment), or policies designed to prevent violence in the workplace. The problem with most of these programs is that they are all trying to reeducate the bully – trying to convince the bully to stop bullying. But, for the most part, they are unsuccessful. And the reason that they’re unsuccessful is because they do not address one of the most important elements in the bullying equation. That element is the key – the secret – to changing how, where, when, and to whom bullying happens. And it’s this element that absolutely has the power of making bullying stop – if not for good… …at least for you and your child. Now… Isn’t this what you really want? Of course it is. As much as we’d like to care that it’s happening to others, what we as parents really want is for this brutality to NOT be happening to our own child! So, what is it? What is this missing element – this secret key – to unlocking the safety, security, and high self-esteem that you’re looking for? The answer is simple really. But, I warn you… Before I tell you, you have to know that most parents don’t want to hear it. They don’t want to face it, nor believe that it’s true. Do you know what it is yet? Well, I’ll tell you but, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Ready? The missing element to making the effects of school bullying virtually a non-reality for your child lies in changing, not the bully, the school system, or the laws, but in changing… …your child! See. I told you it was going to be hard to swallow. We all want to believe that it’s the other kid’s fault. And, it is…partly. We all want to believe that it’s the school’s fault. And, it is… Partly. But, let’s not forget something very important. And that is that… The world is full of bullies. They’re not just at your kid’s school, in your neighborhood, or even in your family. Sorry. They’re not. They are in every school, workplace, government office, organization, group, and in every social class and walk of life. And, so are the victims. Because, you see, bullies and victims have something in .mon. And that .mon denominator is… …the way your child reacts to the bullying! The answer isn’t in passing rules, laws, or sets of punishments to deter bullying. The answer doesn’t lie in "bullying the bully to stop bullying." That just perpetuates the problem. And… The answer doesn’t lie in you running interference for your child against whoever is doing the bullying today, right now, at his or her school. No. The answer to helping your child to deal with the bullies is in empowering them with real, proven, and effective methods for the kind of person that bullies never think of going after. The answer is in helping them to identify those traits and characteristics that bullies look for, and target, and then either changing those things so that the bully ignores them… …or they learn to use them as a strength so that the bullies words and actions have no effect on them. Look… This is simple. Regardless of how much, or how many people tell you that it isn’t, the truth is that there are relatively few bullies – real, overt bullies – in any given school or workplace. And, there are relatively few victims – real, obvious victims of bullying – in any given arena. The rest of the populace isn’t bothered. And, if they were, the results were very different – it was not worth the bully’s time and effort to continue pursuing these targets. And, no matter how much we would like to believe that our child should be safe and untouched, no matter who they are and how they act… The truth is that it is human nature, and nature itself that says that the strong survive – not the weak. Only in society do we believe that we are safe from the supreme law of nature. So, what it .es down to is this: no matter what kind of anti-bullying program is in place to deal with bullying in your child’s school – no matter how strict the rules against bullying – no matter how much begging, .plaining, or intimidating pressure that parents push towards school administrators, government officials, or anyone else… The reality is that the power to defeat the bully – the ability to make bullying stop for your child – lies not in your hands, but in the hands of your child. How do I know? Because I was harassed, picked-on, and/or beaten up by bullies practically every day of my young life. And, no matter how much my parents did – no matter how many times the police were called – no matter how often the parents of the bullies were confronted… What it came down to was me — and the changes that I made that literally made me "bully-proof." So, when I tell you these things… It’s not from a position of someone .ing up with yet another program that sounds good. It .es from experience – from the school of hard-knocks, and the reality that what I did, and the way I presented myself, that determined what kind of relationships I was going to have with others. And, "THAT", included the school bullies! Isn’t it time that your child learned how to really defend themselves against bullying in school and everywhere else? Isn’t their health, self-confidence, and well-being worth getting real solutions? How? By learning what really works to stop bullying behavior, and by giving your child the tools that do just that! 相关的主题文章: