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Foreign media: China has significant financial influence in Latin America, last year the loan amount exceeds the World Bank – Sohu News Reference Network February 21 daily media said that China has become an important trading partner in many Latin American countries, its financial influence is increasingly significant. This is both a celebration and a concern. According to the Financial Times website reported on February 17th, the latest data released by the American dialogue Research Center show that despite the weakness of global economic growth last year, China’s loan to Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) is still close to the highest record in history. In 2015, the National Development Bank and the China Import and export bank issued loans totaling 29 billion 100 million US dollars to the government and state-owned enterprises in the region, nearly three times as much as in 2014, exceeding the sum of loans made by the world bank and the American Development Bank to LAC. The data provided by the two policy banks in China are close to the $33 billion 400 million raised by LAC from the capital market, compared with 786 million of the international syndicated loans granted by the region in 2015. Last year’s lending amount was second only to 2010, when China’s stimulus measures after the financial crisis were in full swing. So far, Venezuela has been the main recipient of loans issued by China, the report said. Since its record in 2005, the oil producing country has accumulated 65 billion dollars of loans from China, accounting for more than half of China’s total loans to the region. Last year, Venezuela secured a $10 billion loan to implement energy related projects. Reported that Beijing recently announced the establishment of a $35 billion investment fund dedicated to infrastructure projects such as LAC.

外媒:中国在拉美金融影响力显著 去年贷款额超世行-搜狐新闻  参考消息网2月21日报道 外媒称,中国已成为拉美很多国家的重要贸易伙伴,其金融影响力日益显著。这既值得庆贺也令人担忧。   据英国《金融时报》网站2月17日报道,美洲对话研究中心最新发布的数据显示,尽管去年全球经济增长乏力,但中国对拉丁美洲和加勒比地区(LAC)的贷款金额仍接近历史最高纪录。   报道称,2015年,中国国家开发银行和中国进出口银行向该地区国家政府和国有企业发放贷款总共291亿美元,是2014年的近三倍,超过世界银行和美洲开发银行对LAC的贷款总和。   数据提供商迪罗基公司称,中国这两家政策性银行发放的贷款金额接近于LAC从资本市场筹措到的334亿美元,相比之下,该地区2015年通过国际银团贷款筹措到的7.86亿显得微不足道。   去年的放款金额仅次于2010年,那时中国在金融危机后推出的刺激措施正全面展开。   报道称,迄今为止,委内瑞拉是中国所发放贷款的主要接收国。自2005年有记录以来,这个产油国已累计从中国获得650亿美元贷款,占中国对该地区贷款总额的一半以上。去年,委内瑞拉获得了100亿美元贷款实施能源相关项目。   报道称,北京前不久宣布设立350亿美元的投资基金专门用于LAC的基础设施等项目。相关的主题文章: