Foreign media India intends to increase the strength of mining in the border area of China and India-ddrtys

Foreign media: India intends in the Sino Indian border area and increase the strength of mining data figure: India mountain division exercises original title: India intends in the Sino Indian border area mining is India Russian media: "the opportunity to change the rules of the game" Russian satellite network reported on October 13th that the India government is planning to close Chinese Ladakh region in mining, which may India is a part of a long-term strategy. For a long time, India has been looking forward to the Sino Indian border region "easier access". According to reports, India’s interior minister · Hansilajie; gangaram · Acil said: "the mineral resources must be obtained by the border area. We can’t do these things because of the instability. If I can get the mineral and natural resources in these areas, I don’t think our country will continue to be poor." The satellite network reported that, in a sparsely populated border area of mining will be a "game changer" opportunities for India, due to the development of industrialization in these areas will draw a clear line of control, and can reduce the occurrence of long-term "cross-border" behavior. At present, the Ladakh region is a part of Kashmir in India, under the jurisdiction of article 370th of the constitution of the special law. Since the mineral area is in this special jurisdiction, the government of India must obtain the consent of the local government. At the same time, the Ladakh region independent state is growing. At the beginning of October, 15 political parties, religious groups and civil society organizations jointly submitted a joint memorandum, hope that the government approved the establishment of the independent government of ladakh. If the India government accepted the proposal, then the region’s mineral exploitation without the consent of the consent of the local government in kashmir. On the other hand, the report pointed out that India has also increased the deployment of troops in Aksai Chin area. Located in the eastern Ladakh Aksai Chin is India Pakistan three junction, the India area the deployment of tanks, aircraft and other equipment. In addition to these military facilities, India is still the Ladakh region near the line of control in the Palma Valley built another advanced landing field. According to reports, in 2007, the India geological survey and scholars for uranium and thorium in the Ladakh region. The southeast of Ladakh in most areas of geothermal and sulfur rich reserves of borax. India may have found the precious minerals in the Daulatbeg oldI the world’s highest near the landing site. Internship compile: Chen Ziwei reviewer: Tan Liya)相关的主题文章: