Foreign media manufacturing industry downturn in Dongguan boss off factory workers in the event of s jinshen

Foreign media: the downturn in the manufacturing sector of Dongguan boss factory workers in the event of employment crisis: Hong Kong media speculation in the downturn in the manufacturing sector Dongguan boss factory workers in the event of speculation in the employment crisis source: Reference News Network     Reference News Network September 25th Hong Kong media reported that the slowdown in the mainland economy, upgrade the manufacturing industry, a large number of enterprises closed down, layoffs, past people to please the labor shortage, golden age has passed. Now the most miserable is a large number of academic qualifications are not high, the age of 35 years of age or more male workers, at any time may change the surplus workers. Hongkong "Economic Daily" in September 20th citing CNBC reported that the United States, Chinese in pushing the manufacturing industry upgrading and transformation, efforts by the "world factory" to the production of high-end products, the development of high-tech and service industries have appeared at the same time, economic and social problems, including how to create employment opportunities for 270 million migrant workers. According to Beijing’s official statistics, last year the average age of migrant workers was 38.6 years old, only 25% have a high school education, which means the economic transformation at the same time, the lack of highly skilled migrant workers will be eliminated, lost opportunities. Dongguan, which was once so beautiful, was full of factories in the past, and now many factories have closed down, and authorities have shown that 243 factories closed or moved out of Dongguan last year alone. Huang Li from a village in Guangxi, originally worked in a lamp factory in Dongguan last year, the boss on foot, so lost his job. To find a job, find a lot of factories to recruit people under the age of 35 or women better, because most bosses think women are more obedient. Huang, who is about 35 years old, said he was worried, thinking of the work of the electronic factory, but the education level is not high, no one. In addition to work hard to find in Dongguan, the workers must also work overtime. At present, most of the factory to the new employees monthly salary is 1510 yuan, far less than China’s current average wage of $3000. If these workers must work overtime to earn a living. In addition, some factories in order to avoid helping employees to pay social security, choose not to hire full-time employees, but to hire employees hourly wages, usually hourly wage of 13.5 yuan. It is understood that workers find this part-time job through the intermediary, but also to 8% Commission, for them, can be described as worse. According to Hongkong’s "Economic Daily" reported on September 1st, the property market is hot, Dongguan boss to close the factory to speculation. Reported that, in Dongguan, the past world factory in the world, there are factories and production lines, for the national economy and employment, many made distinctions won in battle. But with the downturn in exports, reduced orders, coupled with more and more expensive manual, many factories have closed down, the transformation of real estate investment. Hongkong "Oriental Daily" website reported on August 22nd, in Dongguan in recent years due to the manufacturing industry into the winter, many factories responsible for the "transformation" of real estate investment, plant shishijiukong. Has purchased four sets of properties in Guangzhou lighting factory responsible person Mr. Tang said, now the factory income was not enough to pay workers, "the best money or buy a house". Mr. Tang in Dongguan lighting factory peak more than 100 employees, continuous number相关的主题文章: