Formal contract! The Russian warrior swift mixed fleet will debut at the Zhuhai Airshow-footman

Formal contract! The Russian "warrior" "swift" mixed fleet will debut at the Zhuhai airshow in Zhuhai special report client following the August 19th British Royal Air Force aerobatic team "red arrow" after signing today (August 25th) three pm, the eleventh session of the Executive Committee and the Zhuhai China airshow and the Russian Air Force flight demonstration team held a formal signing ceremony. This will be the "warrior", "swift" mixed fleet for the first time of flight performance outside Russian Federation, means the airshow Cadet once again usher in a new breakthrough. Contract site. Reporters from the meeting was the latest news, the executive committee will also show Chinese recently and Pakistan Air Force fighter exhibition held a signing. Then, in the Yingeba four air force will join the Zhuhai Lantian virtuoso. Many fans of the Russian air aerobatic team is not strange, the Russian Air Force "warrior", "swift" aerobatic team had participated in the Chinese airshow, the wonderful flight performance, superb flying skills to the audience left a deep impression. Among them, "aerobatic team is the world’s only use a heavy fighter as performing the aircraft flight demonstration team, the" Nesterov "," somersault "," semi augmented circling upside down "action, all breathtaking. The "swift" aerobatic team was founded in 1991, the MiG – 29 fighter performing stunt "pyramid" and "cross" etc.. Russia’s "Yu Yan" and "Warriors" mixed performance team today after signing the contract, the Russian Air Force "warrior" and "Yu Yan" will be unveiled at the airshow in mixed formations. Then, by the Su – 27 fighter and MiG – 29 mixture formation performance "diamond Kubinka" and other stunts, this will be the "warrior", "swift" mixed fleet for the first time performing outside Russia, will undoubtedly become one of the biggest highlights airshow. In addition, the reporter also learned from the meeting, the executive committee will also recently China airshow and Pakistan Air Force fighter exhibition contract. Then, the Eleventh Chinese airshow will have four Russian Air Force Embarcadero at the show, a record number of foreign China show show team the most.相关的主题文章: