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Full use of class iPad  Nanjing 32 pilot schools of wisdom Campus — people.com.cn Jiangsu channel: people.com.cn original title: 32 schools kindergarten pilot wisdom campus students use the E-Book Package for interactive learning, teachers are using networking technology for teaching, the use of mobile phone platform for safety management of schools…… Reporter learned from the day before I start the smart campus pilot work, 32 primary and secondary schools kindergartens will become the first pilot school, after 5 years of wisdom campus is expected to 100% full coverage. Into the Longjiang primary school, all kinds of electronic equipment to brighten the campus, equipped with multi block electronic screen, each class door installed "electronic class brand, the corridor can be seen everywhere in the center is equipped with touch screen, digital art, interactive Sketchpad teaching system, make people feel more" tall "is interactive the children in the classroom. The morning of September 29th 10, the fourth grade Chinese class more than and 30 children are recorded in the classroom. Different from the traditional classroom, the children have no textbooks, but a iPad. Open the iPad, which has the electronic version of the Chinese language teaching materials, according to the catalog of children can quickly find the text of the study, reading, translation, search and expand knowledge can be completed. After the end of the text, log on the learning system, select the "practice today" can answer the scene. The teacher iPad obtained by children’s practice feedback, including each child’s score, error, error rate for each question, can even put errors some classmates pushed directly to the board to explain. The relevant person in charge of the school, before such as the E-Book Package in some secondary schools have a pilot, but not much use in the primary school stage. This year, the school tried to introduce the use of the current 29 classes in the school has been in the use of the 20 classes of electronic books". The school will also apply to IOT technology science and technology education, in the teaching building of creating a piece of "small city farmer" plantation in automatic planting area, children of light, soil moisture, temperature and plant growth environment for digital monitoring, and through the mobile phone and other mobile terminal control irrigation, cooling etc. equipment. The use of electronic packages for interactive learning, networking technology into the subject teaching, is part of the wisdom of the city to build the campus requirements." Nanjing city centre relevant responsible person said, to achieve intelligent multi aspects of a standard smart campus but also in the home school communication, school safety management requirements. In order to further enhance the level of education information, this year the city of the first batch of 32 smart campus pilot schools, including 25 schools, 4 kindergartens, 2 occupation colleges and 1 private schools, these schools will pilot the intelligence service and management in the interactive teaching, school management, evaluation methods, home school communication etc. in many ways, the specific standard of smart campus is being developed. According to the plan, by 2020, the city basic education schools in the information infrastructure, education and teaching facilities in the national leading level; occupation college campus intelligence, digital classrooms, skills training room intelligent simulation environment to achieve 80% coverage; the wisdom of the city’s primary and secondary school campus)相关的主题文章: