Fund three quarterly disclosure after harvest growth income earned 2 billion 900 million yuan fund c-noiseware

Fund three quarterly disclosure is completed A Jiashi growth and income earned 2 billion 900 million yuan – fund channel today, with Celestica, Yi Fangda and a number of fund company three quarterly disclosure, the public fund three quarterly data thoroughly surfaced. Experienced in July A shares fell after the first rise, August index rise again to September market sentiment increasingly sluggish, the three quarter of the fund in the end how to control positions, and good funds earn much? "Securities Daily" reporters fund of the department according to the data statistics found that, as of press time reporters yesterday, the 802 comparable partial shares of the Fund (common stock funds, partial shares of hybrid funds and flexible allocation of funds) the average stock position is 66.58%. Prior to that, in the second quarter of 2016, comparable to the fund’s stock positions accounted for 64.38%, partial stock fund positions rose by 2.2 percentage points. In the distribution of the industry, the proportion of shares held by the fund’s stock market value of the manufacturing sector increased significantly. 807 comparable partial stock funds, the manufacturing sector accounted for an average net worth of 41.78%, followed by information transmission, software and information technology services, accounting for more than 5.62%, once again wholesale and retail, accounting for more than 3.20%. And the financial industry accounted for 3% of the top fourth largest industry. Compared to the end of the two quarter data, comparable fund holdings accounted for the proportion of net worth increased by 1.95 percentage points. As of press time reporters yesterday, the Three Quarter 2 funds are the most profitable, Harvest Fund’s. More than 955 funds, harvest growth income A behind the profit list, the fund’s three quarter profit of 2 billion 899 million yuan, in partial shares of the fund profit charts. The partial stock funds profit list is also a harvest fund management, harvest new opportunities, the three quarter profit of 890 million yuan. Southern energy consumption ranks third, making a profit of $803 million in the three quarter. It is worth noting that, compared to the 955 partial shares of the fund, 699 profit is positive, accounting for 73.19%, only less than 30% of the fund’s profit is negative. While bond funds profit list, ICBC Credit Suisse Bond Fund profit swept the top 5, as of press time reporters yesterday, ICBC Credit Suisse Hengxiang pure debt profit amounted to 255 million yuan, behind in the three quarter of bond funds profit ranked first.相关的主题文章: