Gar fish infested Wencheng reservoir as the world’s ten largest freshwater fish of ferocious

Gar fish infested Wencheng reservoir as the world’s ten largest freshwater fish are one of the fierce razor sharp serrated teeth, gregarious, is a natural killing machine, killing all mobile creatures, they will instantly clean food…… This is the horror scene in the movie piranha. Just a few days ago, contracted Gaoling Xi Keng Zhen Wenzhou Wencheng County head two reservoir Wu caught two strange fish: mouth like crocodile teeth, body like fish. The fishery experts carefully identified, Hawaii is with "piranha" as "the world’s ten largest freshwater fish ferocious Gar fish". Speaking of origin, it can also have a "foreign descent", is an invasive alien species, destruction of the ecological, but also attack humans, some fish and toxic. Remove reservoir fanged monster fish is Gar fish whenever leisure time, old Wu often in the reservoir threw a few shrimp cage, catch some fish and shrimp. In October 20th, Wu picked up as usual shrimp cage, but found that two had never seen a strange fish. "Strange fish is very fierce, struggling." Old Wu Yue, the fish body and snakehead like fish head hard, long flat, fish mouth is like a crocodile, open you can see the two line brush teeth. Wu worry is to protect fish species, will the photos down to Wencheng County Water Conservancy Bureau of Fisheries Technology Extension Station Zhou Xiaochun. Familiar with common fish species did not recognize Zhou Xiaochun for a time, she said, at first glance this strange fish like alien species. Carefully check a lot of information, but also asked the experts of Marine Fisheries Bureau of Wenzhou City, to determine this strange fish is fish gar. In the afternoon, the staff rushed to the edge of the reservoir. Two Gar fish in the basket, the hand touch it, began to bite. Staff carefully called it, a big 5.7 pounds, a length of about 74 cm, a small about 2 pounds, a length of 44 cm. On Friday, workers dug a pit, sprinkle lime powder, the two strange fish were buried. Alien species containing highly toxic ingestion can be deadly why should be buried? Zhou Xiaochun said: "speaking of sparrow eel, but" notorious repute ". Adult can grow up to 3-4 meters, it is no different from a crocodile encounter." It is understood that the gar fish native to the Americas, and is one of the "piranha" as the world ten big ferocious freshwater fish, the fish quality is unusually hard, known as bone scales, the original is ganoids. Gar appeared very early, flourished in the Jurassic and early Cretaceous, living in the freshwater area, had been living for 100 million years on earth, known as a living fossil. It has been exported to various parts of the world as ornamental fish. According to the fisheries experts speculate that these two caught Gar fish may be some people do not have, and throw them into the reservoir. But experts stressed that the gar fish behavior is fierce, known as the "water killer", will attack other fish, causing serious impact on the local ecological environment. "They were found in Wencheng, illustrate the alien species are adapting to the environment of wencheng. No predators, other fish will be eaten, so that farmers suffer losses, and may hurt people." The report shows that in 2014, a man in Jiangsu Nanjing enjoy the gar fish, was bitten by 3 fingers. In addition, experts suggest that the public does not capture the gar.相关的主题文章: