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Today, Kevin Gofron shares some of his advice about how to get started with bass fishing. Get a sense of the area, advises Kevin Gofron. If you are out on a lake, Kevin Gofron believes that the first thing you should do is check out a recent map of that body of water. Channels and submerged islands are two types of areas that tend to have great success with catching fish. Kevin Gofron also advises checking out the view and taking in where trees may have fallen, because they tend to be great hiding spots for fish. Kevin Gofron knows that bass are much more likely to be out and about in the early morning or at dusk, so those are good times to try. Be aware of mosquitoes and be well covered, advises Kevin Gofron, because insect repellent will make it less likely for you to hook a bass. For your fishing rod, reel, and tackle, Kevin Gofron advises that if you are a beginner, don’t spring for the most expensive fancy equipment on the market. Go for something lightweight and easy to figure out. Kevin Gofron knows that you will have much more success with a rod that you can actually manage to use without any confusion about its embellishments. Kevin Gofron cannot even count the different types of bait out there. From worms to very convincing small fish imitations, Kevin Gofron believes that you need to check out what the fish are biting on any given day. Because bass tend to swim in shallower areas, you can often see them in the water. This means that you can see what they are chasing. According to Kevin Gofron, using a worm as bait on a day where the bass are swimming after minnows is probably not going to work out very well. Spring is spawning season, and the rest of the year means various levels of activity and dormancy. Kevin Gofron ‘s final piece of advice is to read up on fish behaviors as the seasons change. If you would like some further advice on how to get started with bass fishing, Kevin Gofron recommends the following resources. 相关的主题文章: