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Automobiles Those who drive .monly during the night understand the significance of different forms of light fittings present in the automobile. People who manufactured automobiles got to know the importance of this accessory at that time. That is why they made a design of lights both at front and back of car in its design. Earlier there were only headlights and tail lights present in the initial models of a car, but now the trend changed and there are so many other light types. Different people have craze for different car models which varies from BMW to Mitsubishi. There are many people who are a passionate fan of Acura models. Acura is one of the car brand which offers different models possessing exclusive features that you will not get to see in other brands. Both the exterior and interior of a car is breathtaking. It has high performing engine, .fortable interior, excellent mileage and many other features. Those who have the new models of this car are extremely happy with its performance and looks. There are many who have an old model of this car and are not in the position to buy a new one. The best and economic option for these people is to upgrade their car. One can put different types of lights on his car. These could be headlight, fog lights, tail lights, bumper lights, corner lights and mirror lights. If you have Acura Integra or CL models, then the best option in that case is going for Acura Integra Headlights based on recent technologies. One can even use lamps that have reflectors .bined with them for better security. The good thing about these headlights is that they .e in black, blue, chrome and clear color options. The technologies which are quite .monly available in these lights and which are also present in new models of Acura are: Halo Projector 1.Normal Projector 2.LED Projector 3.Xenon HID lighting featured Projector 4.Crustal lights 5.Glass head lamps 6.LED Headlights 7.Euro head lamps The finest thing about the Acura Integra and Acura CL Headlights is that they both are designed according to OEM specifications. Moreover, these lights possess official recognition of SAE and DOT. Such a certification assures people that the quality of these lights is superior and they will last longer than the normal head lamps. There is no alteration required to be performed in these lights. They .e up with a perfect fit. No special training and guidance is required to install them, and the providers of these car lights also offer unique guide containing the appropriate way to install them. Cost is the most important factor that people usually consider before buying any stuff. The lights will cost you few dollars which is much less as .pared to the amount that you will spend in buying a new car. Many online dealers offer a wide variety in these lights. One can see images, prices and specifications of these lights on their website. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: