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GF Securities cheer Beijing marathon universal health and compliance concept – Beijing, Beijing, September 19, September 17th, once a year the Beijing marathon rujierzhi, 30 thousand players witnessed the runners of the feast, set off the passion of national sports. At the same time, to let the people of Beijing to better integrate into the national fitness and the participation of the whole marathon atmosphere, GF Securities in another way, West Plaza Chongwenmen Guorui shopping center held on the theme of "life is not a marathon — to abide by the rules, experiential activities in order to win". Activities will be through the game and sports concept of sports, vivid interpretation of the healthy life, the importance of compliance with the rules, by the general public blitz. It is understood that GF Securities more than life marathon "series of activities has been held for three years, a hot topic of every activity around investor interest and concern to participants, not the same experience and inspiration to experiential game: 2014, find everything fresh and new through the" desire vending machine ", in order to arouse everyone in focus on the family or personal finance at the same time, we must pay more attention to their physical and mental health; in 2015, through the" coin treadmill "tell you, money is like running a marathon, only selected high-quality financial products, perseverance, in order to obtain a stable income, to achieve the target rate of return. This time, GF Securities "life is not a marathon event into the North horse, popular hot spot, create new styles" rule ring "has become the focus of the crowd, want to win must obey the rules of the game, causing people to try. The ring is composed of 160 blocks of red and blue light induction were set up on both sides of the floor. The starting point, end point induction line. Each PK, two participants from both sides of the ring, saw the blue box to the other side forward, if the first who mistakenly stepped on the red grid make rules of the end of the game, the opponent wins; if both sides abide by the rules of safe arrival at the end point, winning is fast. The winner will be awarded for their dolls?? around the neck pillow as the exclusive gift. In addition, participants can also and?? doll photo, for free through WeChat camera real-time print photos. GF Securities brand director Yu Huiping GF Securities relevant responsible person said, the compliance risk control has been the lifeline of the healthy operation of the development of securities institutions and rules of "ring" test for all is not only on the speed of the grasp, more self-discipline and abide by the rules, this is the key to win the final victory. The event is designed to allow investors to experience the importance of complying with the rules, strengthen investor compliance risk control consciousness, to further promote the construction of compliance risk control, has important significance to promote the healthy operation and development of securities institutions. It is understood that the security risk management ability of GF at the forefront in the industry, is one of the first pilot China Commission selected the compliance management of securities brokerage business, is also the first to implement a comprehensive risk management strategy, and the GF Securities always uphold the steady operation and stick to the bottom line of compliance management philosophy is closely related. In compliance and risk management, GF Securities continue to consolidate the risk control lifeline, adhere to a strong risk appetite and risk return corresponding to the core management philosophy, through.相关的主题文章: