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Gigi: Zhang Yuqi is a clothing and hairstyle never wrong monster two days of concern, in addition to iPhone 7, and in fact, the Venice film festival. Although the main competition unit does not have a China film nominated, but because the directors gathered, became foreign media in recent ten years the strongest squad. Although Chinese movie this year in Venice showed a little lonely, but in the film festival is still held a "focus on Chinese night reception. Zhang Yuqi is the representative of the Venice Film Festival this year, the Chinese film group, and then made a speech in English, but also quite fluent. Zhang Yuqi also went to the Venice Film Festival, but also did not see how busy her, a particularly relaxed look. In addition to the speech, also can from the chairman of the Venice Film Festival, Franco Montini, got a International Icon Movie Award award. Some users are not happy, said she did not work also went to the Venice film festival. She cheerfully said: no special film festival is still going, because want to go to the movies. She really is to go to the movies, her friends said she particularly appreciates and to push a movie called "outstanding citizen": This is a Argentina movie, the story of a Nobel prize winner in Europe after a lapse of forty years was invited to return the story. The overall tone is black humor, and many foreign media that although some of the structural flaws, but it is still a very good film. …… The girl really went to the movies. But bloggers don’t care what she did in Venice. From a professional standpoint, what she wore was the focus of the blogger’s eyes. Remember some time ago that she was a smash hit driven up? In fact, this is not to attend the event but she deliberately tie hair, because she really took a daily in the head out: when people ask her why she will tie this hairstyle, especially behoove say: because, convenient ah…… I do not understand this because of the convenience of the results led to a boom in the life of a female pop star…… And the ball head hit, and an upgraded version – double ball head. Next time if she wore a Braised Pork Balls in Gravy Sauce head out, I wouldn’t be surprised to estimate. So this time at the Venice Film Festival, what did she wear or do? It looks a bit familiar? Is it exactly the same? Look at the hair is the same: the yellow dress, from the Alexis Mabille 2016 winter high, to be honest, the color is not very suitable for Asians, because it is very easy to be with the dark skin: but Zhang Yuqi challenged those "at a glance that don’t go" with Asians have dress. Nor is it a two time, when the Cannes Film Festival in 2013, she was wearing a Ulyana Sergeenko]相关的主题文章: