God summed up most of the high school entrance examination scores are written in this way-ca1835

Summary: God is so high at the beginning of most senior high school entrance examination composition to write a preface in the beginning part of the first opening is to write a short paragraph as. The text is the summary of this paper can be the introduction can be a form of feeling. This can enhance the color, the beginning point, to attract the reader’s role. Such as "Chinese" from me to walk the way: "gently, you Chinese, walked from my side, leaving behind a string of beautiful notes, often around me, encourage me, encourage me, I cultivate. It is the beginning – I again "extraordinary scenery": "I don’t want to live like a question mark, look around to find their own runway, now I was dreaming of running speed, I always feel extraordinary. At the beginning of this article — "two are used with a full command of the inscription as the beginning, put up his readers into the creation of emotional tone, play Xianshengduoren utility. Two, by reference is a reference to poetry, beginning at all times and in all countries famous quotes, sayings proverbs and aphorisms such as the beginning of the article. This will increase the authority, knowledge, talent and profound, and plays a role in decorating decoration. There are two forms of direct and indirect references. At the beginning of such as "Jiangnan flavor": "amorous Jiangnan, so many men of literature and writing dreamed. It is no wonder that Zheng Chouyu will say: ‘I hit south of the Yangtze River, south of the Yangtze River, and so on in the face of the season, such as the opening of the lotus Love should give the lotus flower." This is a reference to the famous prose as the beginning, played a good role. Another example is the beginning of "we hope": "I try shining moment of flame sweeping the sky for me, you see me here I fling caution to the winds here is a brief as gorgeous as summer flowers" which is quoted as the beginning of new poetry. There are references to lyrics as the beginning, such as "the echo of the mind": "go Quartet, long road, water, confused, a village and a village," the beginning can be different with the time according to the need of the content of the myriads of changes, according to the center, to the most reasonable quoted lyrics for having heard it many times. This is a wise choice. Three, the beginning of the description of the environment, including the description of the natural environment and social environment. These descriptions have a specific role, or set off the character’s mood, or to explain the background of the story, or rendering a certain atmosphere, etc.. In short, are for the purpose of highlighting the service. Such as "thought at the beginning of his father’s pale face": "at night, a good quiet, soft moonlight scattered a manner; good night, father deep, then falling down the snoring is like a beautiful moonlight, echoed in the night sky. Looking at the sleeping father’s face, my thoughts drift. "To the holy night on the night of this description implies the author deep gratitude to his father, so the environmental description put very successful in the beginning, we were brought into the quiet night, let us work together and memories again," today, I really happy ":" the darkness had fallen, the deep blue sky相关的主题文章: