Grandpa homemade balloon moon to watch his wife holding flowers for romance – Beijing-exit safe mode

Grandpa "homemade balloon moon" to watch his wife holding flowers for romance – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Beijing on September 16th news Chinese according to the voice of "peak Evening News" reported, "looked up at the moon, and senecio." Since ancient times, the Mid Autumn Festival has been quite popular. Whether you are in the world where a corner, we enjoy the same moon. However, yesterday a Beijing grandfather comes with a super big moon, invited her to celebrate the festive season. Netizens are shocked by this, he is too romantic, even the old couple came to abuse a bachelor. However, you really are a single man, really like the Beijing grandfather learn, it is romantic to the old. The same day the old man dressed in a Chinese style clothing, hair finishing is very spiritual, is obviously prepared with the old guy to the Beijing Houhai side dining. Eating them, suddenly rising with a balloon super moon, when the old grandfather holding a bunch of flowers to the moon before the station invited the old grandmother over side by side with the full moon. Spot, grandma was totally unprepared, very shy, several young people next to coax to push her to go to her grandfather, grandfather is very natural from behind embrace the grandmother’s waist, grandma Leng is shy his hand through the. The subtext is, don’t, so much older, so many people! It is said that grandpa did so because the promise to let Grandma see the most beautiful moon every year. I did not expect these two days of bad weather in Beijing, so secretly prepared a huge balloon moon. Mutual respect, mutual love and kindness, do not forget the beginning of the heart, but also worthy of our young people to learn. I wish two elderly happy and healthy longevity.相关的主题文章: