GREE cross-border new energy vehicles were questioned regulators – Sohu

GREE new energy vehicles were cross-border regulators questioned – Sohu of Beijing science and Technology Daily News (reporter Fang Binnan stone Feiyue) for GREE intends to 13 billion yuan to buy a 100% stake in Zhuhai silver Textron, the Shenzhen stock exchange to disclose the restructuring letter of inquiry, put forward 29 problems from the three aspects of trading scheme, the counterparty and the subject of the transaction, including 20 the questions focused on the subject of the transaction Zhuhai silver long body, the key point is whether the "Zhuhai silver long so valuable". The Shenzhen stock exchange requires GREE in September 1st before the relevant materials submitted. It is understood that the Zhuhai silver long issues related to the company’s lithium titanate battery technology, financial subsidies, industry status, the Shenzhen stock exchange requires GREE and the company disclosed the monomer lithium titanate battery (batteries) are the main performance index by testing and authorities or third party detection, and disclosure the company has a lithium titanate battery products relative to other mainstream power battery comparative disadvantage. In addition, the Shenzhen stock exchange for Zhuhai Yinlong industry status and on new energy vehicles and subsidies and other issues of concern, including supplementary disclosure of Zhuhai silver uplift is the characteristics of the industry and the main enterprises with the industry gross margin differences and other details. For large subsidies, as of June 30, 2016, Zhuhai lung bank accounts receivable, accounts receivable and promote the application of new energy vehicles subsidy funds amounted to 2 billion 33 million yuan, aged within 1 years or 1-2 years; since 2016 the state subsidies paid by the progress of new energy automotive application and verification effects of delay, local subsidies were paid to downstream delay the customer, which affects the speed of the back section of Zhuhai long silver. The Shenzhen stock exchange requires GREE Zhuhai silver long accepted progress of popularization and application of new energy vehicles and check whether in the verification process to find related problems, whether there should be rushed back to the provision of government grants receivable. This month, GREE unveiled a major asset restructuring plan, intends to 13 billion yuan for the purchase price of Zhuhai silver long 100% stake into the lithium titanate battery new energy bus and supporting charging facilities, storage systems business at the same time, no more than 10 billion yuan fund-raising for the construction of the underlying assets of the investment projects.相关的主题文章: