Guangdong is expected to take the lead in the local public revenue trillion yuan step-k-boxing

Guangdong is expected to take the lead on local public finance income trillion yuan level according to the Xinhua news agency in Guangzhou in September 28, Guangdong tax cuts down costs "action", the first half of 2016 a total of 228 billion 300 million yuan burden for enterprises, at the same time, Guangdong province’s general public budget income fetched a record since 2012 the highest increase over the same period. Guangdong Provincial Department of Finance said that this year the province’s general public budget revenue is expected to exceed the first trillion yuan, becoming the country’s first local public finance revenue across the trillion yuan on the provincial level. Steady growth in Guangdong, tax reduction between the increase and decrease, reflecting the supply of hand to take surgery, reflecting changes in the business environment in Guangdong, the economic structure changes. Fangshuiyangyu down costs and improve the efficiency of tax cuts to promote the "big change" after the comparison, the international Internet giant CISCO announced in April this year, the Chinese Innovation Center headquarters in Guangzhou, this is the first in the cloud intelligent manufacturing industry as the core, the scale of the annual output value of over 100 billion yuan, the world’s leading smart city project Chinese. CISCO’s choice to a large extent with the Guangdong environment change. In recent years, Guangdong great efforts to build a market-oriented international business environment of the rule of law, the most important combination is to reduce the cost of tax cuts steady growth. Data show that since 2013, Guangdong were canceled, exemption, deferment or reduce the administrative fees of more than 200; 2012 replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) gradually open, Guangdong camp changed to increase the total tax of nearly 160 billion yuan. Due to the implementation of the policy in place, Guangdong tax reduction effect is obvious, is considered to be the largest increase in tax reform pilot camp, one of the best tax cuts. "Tax cuts can bring enterprise burden, thus increasing more investment and innovation, rich enterprise engaged in R & D, it can be recovered, the industry will be able to expand." HUAWEI CEO Ren Zhengfei explains the significance of tax cuts. From the perspective of the business environment in Guangdong, and the developed world has not much difference. Leading into the canal leading to promote economic restructuring Guangdong, focusing on doing addition, increase investment in key areas and key links, strong innovation and promote transformation. In recent years, the provincial government has invested more than 17 billion yuan to promote industrial transfer, invested $7 billion 500 million to support the implementation of technological transformation of industrial enterprises. In accordance with the relevant plan, Guangdong fiscal year 2015~2017 nearly 100 billion yuan to support the implementation of innovation driven strategy, focusing on key aspects of scientific and technological achievements, such as support for enterprise innovation. Guangdong, also pay attention to the "multiplication", leveraging social capital, seek win-win development. At present, the Guangdong provincial government funded the establishment of 24 policy funds, has been leveraging all levels of financial and social capital of 103 billion 550 million yuan, the next step and strive to achieve the scale up to about 280 billion yuan. Under the lead of fiscal policy, in 2015 the number of high-tech enterprises in Guangdong province grew by 19.5%, high-tech manufacturing investment growth of 35.8%, higher than the same period the manufacturing sector investment of 11.3 percentage points. At present, Guangdong’s economic structure is undergoing great changes to GREE, Midea Group as the representative of a number of enterprises to achieve successful innovation driven transformation to Guangzhou, Shenzhen as the core of the high-end service industry.相关的主题文章: