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Overseas media experience of Guangxi traditional Chinese medicine culture charm of traditional Chinese medicine industry to speed up the new network for China overseas – traditional medicine culture has become one of the focus of media attention in Kampuchea. Feng Shumin photo Beijing, September 17 Nanning Xinhua (reporter Feng Shumin Huang Yanmei) just concluded near the Rio Olympics, Chinese traditional medical culture to become the highlight of many foreign players into cupping "fans". September 17th, from 18 countries and regions of the more than and 40 overseas media into the world’s largest Medicinal Botanical Garden – Guangxi medicinal botanical garden, feel and experience the charm of traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine culture. China Chinese herbal medicine has a long history, Guangxi geoherbs ancient Chinese herbal species well-known, far and near, ranking second in the country, is the "natural Chinese pharmacy store", "biological resources gene pool" and "township of medicine". Guangxi medicinal botanical garden was founded in 1959, covers an area of 202 hectares, mainly engaged in medicinal plants resources collection, preservation, display, science education; the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine resources, products of ethnic medicine resource development, Chinese herbal medicine products quality inspection technology and standard research; Chinese herbal medicine production quality standard drafting and testing services. As a foreign Chinese (International) one of the 21 large open botanical garden, Guangxi medicinal botanical garden of medicinal plants is the preservation of more than million, in 2011 for medicinal plant species preservation number and preservation area by the British Guinness headquarters certified as the world’s largest medicinal botanical garden "". Entered the "medicinal plant kingdom", the eyes of a piece of a wild profusion of vegetation green, Antiaris, Datura, nitidum, Aquilaria sinensis and other medicinal plants everywhere, many plants have medicinal and ornamental values. According to park, the park is the construction of "Compendium of Materia Medica Park" and "National Medicine Park", "world famous medicine Park" and other 3 theme parks, and ginger garden, fern garden, Gesneriaceae Park, orchid garden, rock garden and other special garden. Overseas media watch and understand the medicinal value of various plants in the park, visit the Guangxi Chinese medicine industry and scientific research achievements, and the taste of health tea. Taiwan "South China newspaper" editor Su Zhengguo said that Taiwan attaches great importance to the development of traditional medicine, the two sides should strengthen the exchanges and mutual visits, as well as related industry cooperation. The "Washington Times" new world deputy editor Zhu Yunli said that most people in the United States on the understanding of Chinese medicine limited to acupuncture treatment, curative effect of Chinese herbal medicine for understanding is still inadequate, but the traditional Chinese medicine has a huge space for development in overseas. Guangxi is one of the important nodes The Belt and Road ", as the overseas Chinese media, she will speak to the world and the story of Guangxi Chinese. It is reported that, at present, Guangxi traditional medicine and Zhuang, Yao, Miao Nationality Medicine and modern science and technology to accelerate the integration of development, have made considerable progress in the medical, health care, scientific research, education, industry, culture and other aspects, has become a key pillar industry output value of more than 200 billion yuan, and accelerate the cooperation with ASEAN and other overseas markets. Prior to August 25th to 27, the relevant person in charge of Guangxi medicinal botanical garden should be invited by the government of Kampuchea, on the promotion and cooperation of traditional Chinese medicine, as well as in Kampuchea hair相关的主题文章: