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Guangzhou a lot of fresh food in the supermarket has the standard for fresh food in supermarket packaging and labeling management risks of "fresh" long white asparagus – Beijing, the State Food and Drug Administration released in December last year, "(Draft)" proposed, the supermarket information should be marked food production date and supplier contact in fresh food packaging design on the origin of poultry meat and also need to identify the specific address of the slaughtering plant. Reporter recently visited Guangzhou found that many supermarkets still did not indicate the production date and shelf life, even vegetables appear moldy long white etc. in the part of the sale of fresh food. Many of the rules have not yet landed. The existence of the label label incomplete phenomenon to label content, for example, the current size of the supermarket to sell the bulk of fresh food packaging labels vary. By weighing boxed meat, vegetables and fruit boxes as an example, some supermarkets will indicate the weight, price, manufacturer and the origin of the label, but does not indicate the production date; some supermarkets are only in the simple plastic packaging box on the product name and price, manufacturer, origin, production date, shelf life all the information is ignored. According to the specification, fresh products should be the manufacturer’s address, contact information, product shelf life, storage conditions, etc.. The origin should be specific to the site of origin, address, aquatic products belonging to the waters. Within the warranty period, "comments" even break the traditional supermarket by day mark, encourage supermarket operators by the hour mark of poultry and other fresh foods. However, the reporter found that in Tianhe District, a high-end supermarket shelves, priced at 49.9 yuan a box of high-quality fresh green asparagus is to buy a send a discount, the asparagus asparagus position is moldy, long white. In the product label, and did not indicate shelf life. Only the country of origin for import fresh attention to import fresh food, in addition to the standard proposed by Chinese labeling of food names, importers and suppliers of foreign origin, name, address, contact information, import time, shelf life and other content to be stated. During the visit, most of the imported fresh food can only be marked country of origin and product name, importers and suppliers of information are ignored. In a large supermarket of imported products near the sports center, sales staff said, imported fruit is difficult to label so carefully, "part of more turnover, to so much information, the whole box full covered with labels are not enough". Why is it difficult to label fresh food labeling? Practitioners: supermarkets can not afford to complete the traceability process why the "opinions" in the strict control of the label is difficult to fall? Reporters learned that the provisions of the new regulations are mainly in order to establish a complete traceability system of fresh food, but most supermarkets have said that the force alone is difficult to bear such a burden". One who declined to disclose the name of the supermarket bluntly, part of the supermarket chain fresh and some production bases have direct docking cooperation, the difficulty is not a detailed annotation. However, there are a lot of fresh supermarket products and third party distributors, agents. "Dealers, agents and fresh origin is a layer of agency cooperation model, Meng相关的主题文章: