Gwadar Port and free zone business promotion will be held in Karachi – International – ca1805

Gwadar Port and free zone business promotion will be held – International – August 25th in Karachi, Pakistan port and shipping minister Mir hasil Khan??? Hiso Joe (left four), consul general Chinese in Karachi Mu Yongpeng (right four), China overseas Port Holdings Limited chairman Zhang Baozhong (right). At Gwadar Port and free zone, business promotion conference witnessed some enterprises with Chinese overseas Port Holdings Limited signed a memorandum of cooperation. (Maas Rule? Hossain photo) Rudge in August 26, the Xinhua News Network (reporter Ji Wei) and the Gwadar Port Free Zone Business Seminar in Pakistan on 25 held in the southern city of Karachi. Seminar organized by the Pakistan port and shipping department, China overseas Port Holdings Limited (China kcontrol) and Gwadar Port Bureau jointly sponsored. Promotion will be introduced on the Gwadar Port and free zone construction and operation, and promotion of the investment preferential policy, giving priority to the development of industry etc.. Pakistan port and shipping minister Mir hasil Khan??? Than Joe, China had stationed in Karachi consul general Yong Peng, China mu kcontrol chairman Zhang Baozhong and relevant business representatives, hundreds of people attended. Mu Yongpeng said in his speech, the progress of construction of Gwadar Port is stable, at present the two sides are pushing the Gwadar International Airport and East Bay Expressway construction. He said that Chinese companies also help the local construction of schools, hospitals and other infrastructure. Gwadar Port City construction will create a lot of jobs for the local people. Zhang Baozhong said that the first phase of the free zone project has entered the construction phase, will be completed before the end of 2018. At present, land acquisition, resettlement, infrastructure construction, policy support, internal management and other important progress has been made, with the initial investment conditions. Hasil said that the construction of Gwadar Port is Pakistan people’s dream, he thanked the government China to Pakistan’s help, I believe that the Gwadar Port Construction will be beneficial to Pakistan’s Baluchistan province economic development. During the promotion, China Hong Kong and Pakistan’s 4 agencies and enterprises signed a memorandum of understanding cooperation. According to reports, as of now, there are more than 20 Chinese and foreign institutions and enterprises signed a letter of intent with China Hong Kong control. It is understood that the Gwadar Port has built 3 20 thousand ton berths and can handle container and bulk cargo and other types of goods. Free zone close to the Gwadar port. The south is the first phase of the project, will rely on the wharf construction area logistics development with trade fairs, trade, transit and other functions; north area of manufacturing processing, focusing on the development of small household electrical appliances, daily necessities and fishery products processing, transportation equipment manufacturing, metal processing industry, etc.. (commissioning editor: Li Xuefeng (Intern), Yang Mu)相关的主题文章: