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Han Han Wuhan restaurant was shut down unlicensed rats suffering from serious Han Han in their own restaurants everywhere mouse droppings in a messy kitchen Sina entertainment news on November 14th, a branch of the food and drug administration the exposure of Han Han [micro-blog] the restaurant "glad to meet you in Wuhan have been shut down due to unlicensed, triggering hot. It is reported that Wuhan food and Drug Administration inspection found in the restaurant, the restaurant not only unlicensed and serious rodent, "warehouse shelves around the top of the mouse excrement, some food packaging bags have been bitten by rats, and even some on the table can see the mouse droppings." Meanwhile, Wuhan food and Drug Administration said the restaurant staff management and other aspects of the problem. "Nice to meet you" is Han Han’s own food and beverage brands, but now it was found unlicensed, serious rodent, scared out of the masses eat melon chin, users have a message said, "it really is specialize in", "tells us a simple truth, rely on celebrity to earn this should rely on the quality of the money is not feasible…" There are also curious about the baby’s attention to the incident to the public relations, in general this time I would like to know how the fans forced to wash white?" It is reported that the restaurant has been operating in Wuhan for more than a year, because employees can not get a business license, law enforcement officers on the spot to stop their operations. Afterwards, the Wuhan food and drug administration official micro-blog responded, "food safety, no matter how much you touched the bottom line, as long as the health of consumers, we must reform and close." (Intern Su Yewen) (commissioning editor: banana)相关的主题文章: