Hangzhou city at the end of the year will build 2 section of Expressway expressway through to rainbo-wegener肉芽肿

Hangzhou city at the end of the year will build 2 freeway section rainbow Avenue expressway can through yesterday evening, the reporter learned from the Hangzhou Municipal People’s Government Information Office official WeChat and the municipal development and Reform Commission learned that as Hangzhou "five vertical and four horizontal" fast road network part, before the end of the year, Hangzhou city also started construction of a number of road engineering. What will they do to your trip, take a look at it. Rainbow Boulevard (Qingnian Road Metro Road) the engineering project in the west of Qingnian Road, East New Town road. Line length of 7.33 km, is a two-way 6 Lane Road (Rainbow Rainbow Expressway) is Hangzhou’s "five horizontal" four vertical and fast road network the most southerly "horizontal". Starting from the Beltway West, after the River Bridge Road to the East, across Binjiang, Xiaoshan, all the way to the Xiao Shandong high-speed toll gate, rainbow Boulevard to the West and East Beltway picked up. Rainbow Road, a total length of 28.1 km, of which the river bridge and Binjiang section have been opened to traffic. However, due to the Xiaoshan section of the main line could not be completed, so the times across the interchange further east to go off the head, can only take the road. Rainbow Road (Qingnian Road – Metro Road) project is completed, rainbow road will be able to pass through. Then, take the "full version" Rainbow Road, west of the city can pass through from the river bridge, a road east to the East beltway. Xiaoshan from the main city, but also a convenient channel. From Quzhou vehicles, can also use the Xiao Shandong exports into the road, turn the revival of the bridge to the city. Project started in December this year. Genshan road upgrade (Peng Bu interchange – East Lake Road) the project West Peng Bu highway, east of East Lake Road, about 9.14 KM project positioning for the city elevated expressway, 6 Lane two-way 6 lanes and ground. In other words, from the port interchange to East Lake road to build a 9.14 km high. Genshan road upgrade (Peng Bu interchange – East Lake Road) project, Hangzhou is the "five horizontal" vertical "rapid road network is an important part of the middle of a cross". In October 15, 2015, the opening of the North underground tunnel, 2.4 km long tunnel for everyone to experience the convenience and fast. Wait until the Genshan road upgrade (Peng Bu interchange – East Lake Road) the completion of the project, then from the ring road east of East Lake will be able to quickly reach the road. Project started in December this year. Xiangjisi Road Extension Project (Shangtang road – Moganshan Road) the West Moganshan Road, East Tang lu. Underground city, about 2.5 kilometers long, two-way 4 lane road is an important Road North xiangjisi. Now from the road to the city of West xiangjisi, to Tong junction on the road, South to abduct Desheng Road, or walk north Daguan road. On the contrary, come from the west, along the Yuhang road to Mogan Mountain Road, 6 Lane two-way road smooth stop. Xiangjisi Road Extension Project (Shangtang road – Moganshan Road) is to solve this problem, after the opening can drive through wear under the canal tunnel, from Toro West straight to Yuhang Tang lu. Project started in December this year.相关的主题文章: